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Or – “Where’s My Santa On The Shaver, Dammit?” Sometimes the holidays turn into a blur of food and family and spectacle, like the Roman Empire right before the Dark Ages. When that happens, it’s good to have Rapid Fire Reviews: Reading the comics, so you don’t have to!

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Or – “I Decided To Trick Or Treat With My Kid Instead… Sorry.” The MUSIC MEEEISSSSTERRRR! Sing the song that the world wants to heeeear! Man, I’ve had that stuck in my head for WEEKS, now. This particular RFR was meant to go up last week, just in time for the annual festival of half-price chocolate, but various things conspired to keep me from completing it until today. For those of you who can’t get enough comic review goodness, I’ve got the cowbell to slake your fever, and it’s time to ask ourselves, baby, what’s the word? In the words

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Or – “An Old Favorite Returns!” An old favorite of MINE, at any rate…  It is an undisputed fact that what we liked best as a kid will stick with us in our adulthood, one way or another.  Witness Stephen and my recent discussions on the podcast of why 1979’s ‘The Black Hole’ is a more transformative movie than ‘Star Wars’ for me.  Early in my comics buying life, I picked up the original run of Marvel’s Official Handbook series, and many of my comic book favorites were shaped by those volumes.  My love of Nova, of the Mimic, of

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Or – “The Triumphant Return Of Avengers Double-Feature!” With so much drama in the L.B.C. Marvel Universe to date, something that seems to have  fallen by the wayside is the revelation that Doctor Strange is no longer considered fit to be Sorceror Supreme.  This opens up all sorts of storytelling possibilities, just like it did in 1989 when alien mage Urthona took over the position of S.S. from Doc, but in this case it seems that the replacement is going to be somewhat more local…

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Or – “Have You Ever Felt Like You’re Missing The Point?” I’ve been working hard to keep up with the flow of comics, and thought I had made some headway until this Wednesday. Struck about the head and shoulders with nearly a dozen books that I wanted to recap (including Mighty Avengers #2, Justice League of America #8, the Nightwing Annual and more), I realized that I was needlessly restricting myself to one book a day. With my pull list being the behemoth that it is, maybe a little extra effort is what we need to get things manageable. In

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