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DC Comics has released an early look at Brandon Routh as The Atom, and the suit doesn’t look too bad.

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According to TV Line, Superman actor Brandon Routh is set to play The Atom…

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Over at the, a fan ran into screenwriter Mike Dougherty and questioned him on the next film. I asked him if he was apart of the sequal because everything I have seen says Singer and Harris are writing the script and that he isn’t mentioned. He confirmed that he is writing it with the two just like the last picture. I then expressed to him that I was hoping the delays of Superman: The Man of Steel weren’t true. He said that they were on track and that the goal is still to have the movie out in the

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Those crazy kids over at the Legions of Gotham Forum have posted some images for the next season of The Batman series currently running on Kids WB. But be prepared for a major shock. Remember The Batman series is supposed to chronicle the early years of Batman and the origins (albeit skewed) of the bat rogue gallery. We already have a Batgirl and a Robin showing up in the series, but season three will have Nightwing and Oracle! If that isn’t bad enough, Black Mask, Harley Quinn, and a new character, voiced by Brandon Routh, Everywhere Man. Got your continutity

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