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Blue BeetleBooster GoldDCPoll

No one likes to see their two favorite people in the whole world fight, but just like peanut butter and chocolate, heroes fighting heroes seems to be the name of the game these days. Which brings us to today’s fateful fisticuffs fretting – Blue Beetle or Booster Gold?

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Booster GoldCastingDCMovies

With that wild and crazy rumor going around that there is a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold movie in the works, it got me wondering who would make a perfect Booster Gold. I think Armie Hammer would be perfect.

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Blue BeetleBooster GoldDCMoviesRumorWarner Bros.

Of all the characters in the DC Universe I’ve said, time and time again, DC need to do a buddy cop movie featuring Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. And, if the Internet rumor is to be believed, it’s happening. Or not…

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Blue BeetleBooster GoldConvergenceDCFeaturedReview

One of the Booster Golds currently running around Telos (the planet, not the entity) has come face to face with his long lost friend Blue Beetle. Will the happy reunion last?

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Booster GoldConvergenceDCFeaturedReview

Rip Hunter, Booster Gold, and the other heroes from Vanishing Point take on Skartaris! Will this issue explain what the time travelers are doing in the main Convergence book?

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Black CanaryBlue BeetleBooster GoldDCEditorialFeaturedTeen TitansWarner Bros.Zatanna

With DC and Warner Brothers pushing to develop their cinematic universe in a similar, but totally unique way from Marvel Studios, a lot of titles have been scheduled to take to the silver screen in upcoming years. However, taking a step away from Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, DC Comics has several astounding properties that absolutely deserve to make it to the screen in their own right. I now humbly present you with my Top Five Comic Properties Warner Bros. Needs to Develop for Movies:   5. Jeff Lemire’s Earth One Teen Titans Teen Titans just had a pilot ordered

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Avengers AcademyBatman BeyondBlue BeetleBooster GoldBruce WayneDCFeaturedJustice League 3000Marvel

When something catches on, even for a while, it’s not unusual to see that come back in one form or another. That’s often referred to as a “revival.” Star Trek is a good example of this. It did well on television and movies, so now there’s a new series of films … oh, and comics, too! There have been a few examples of this in comics recently, so I thought I’d discuss them! GOODBYE AGAIN, ‘BATMAN BEYOND’ As a long-time fan of Batman: The Animated Series and its several follow-ups, I was thrilled when DC Comics revived Batman Beyond, a

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Booster GoldDCSyFyTelevision

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the SyFy channel has picked up the rights to Booster Gold and is planning to bring it to the small screen as a live action show.

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Booster GoldDCFeaturedReview

Nearly twenty years ago, Booster Gold was first on the scene to fight against Doomsday in a fight that culminated with Superman’s death. Today, they’re together again for the first time, but this time there’s no Superman to save the day!

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Booster GoldDCSneak Peek

It’s Booster vs. Doomsday in the latest installment of Booster Gold.  DC Comics released a sneak peek of the issue that arrives in stores this week.

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Blue BeetleBooster GoldCWSmallvilleSupermanTelevisionWarner Bros.

A big moment for Smallville as Booster Gold and The Blue Beetle land in Smallville tomorrow on The CW. The episode is written by Geoff Johns and directed by Tom Welling. via The CW

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Booster GoldCWDCSmallvilleSupermanTelevisionWarner Bros.

The greatest hero you’ve never heard of…until now, got some spotlight action last night during the closing credits of Smallville.

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Booster GoldBrainiac 5Chameleon BoyDCFeaturedJM DeMatteisReviewRip Hunter

Booster Gold has the disease Chronal Leprosy. With such a disturbing illness, he has to ask himself some questions: What’s going to happen? Can someone help me? Where, and more importantly, when can I go to get help? Oh, and above all else, what is Chronal Leprosy? Find out after the jump.

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Blue BeetleBooster GoldCWGallerySmallvilleTelevision

The CW has released a series of still images from the upcoming Smallville episode featuring Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.

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