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Review Buffy the Vampire Slayer #15
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #15 8.0

In BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #15 Buffy and Robin go on a date – to a terrarium.  But it is a special sort of ‘terror’ they face as the plants go wild for them both.  Will Buffy’s dislike of co-slayer Kendra turn date night into hate night?   You’ll have to read this Major Spoilers review to find out!

Review Ronin Island #12
Ronin Island #12 Review 10.0

It started on the Island, and now it ends there. Can the Islanders come together to fight off the Shogun, and how can they survive the horrifying Byōnin? Find out in Ronin Island #12 from BOOM! Studios.

Review Wicked Things #2 Review
Wicked Things #2 Review 9.0

Miyamoto is not dead (whew!), but Lottie is about to be charged with his attempted murder. Until Commissioner Boswell makes her an offer… Find out more in Wicked Things #2 from BOOM! Studios.

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