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By Night #7 Review 8.0

Some teens found the projector and fooled around with it, and now there is a monster running loose around Spectrum! Will Heather and Jane find it before it finds them?

Review WWE #24 Review
WWE #24 Review 8.0

In the world of professional wrestling, you always have to watch your back. Your tag team partner might one day turn heel, your longtime ally may be harboring resentment. So what does AJ Styles do when someone he counted as a friend turns to foe?

Review Klaus and the Crying Snowman Review
Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1 Review 9.0

It’s not often that a comic comes out at the perfect time. Well, this one did—appearing the week before Christmas! I loved the original miniseries by this creative team, so I was already looking forward to it! It was an ideal read for the holiday season!

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