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Review Once and Future #15 Review
Once and Future #15 Review 8.3

In Once and Future #15, Bridgette and Duncan break into an old spooky house and summon Lancelot, while Rose and Nimue share some home truths about each other.  When Lancelot turns feral, it seems our monster hunting duo face a lethal peril.  Will they survive?   Find out  in your next mighty Major Spoilers reviews!

Sneak Peek Guerilla Green
FIRST LOOK: Guerilla Green

BOOM! Studios sent us this first look at Guerilla Green from Cookie Kalkair and Ophelie Damble, about a thirty-year-old city-dweller who’s joined the guerilla gardening movement.

Review Abbott 1973 #1 Review
Abbott 1973 #1 Review 7.0

In Abbott 1973 #1,  hard hitting reporter Elena Abbott has to navigate her role as the Lightbringer, while coming to terms with a new boss.  On the fringes of Detroit, old, malign powers begin to gather in their renewed efforts to plunge the crumbling city into darkness.  Can Elena Abbott uncover this new evil?  Find out  in your next mighty Major Spoilers reviews!

Review Power Rangers #3 Review
Power Rangers #3 Review 7.0

Has Drakkon betrayed The Power Rangers?  And if he has, would anyone be surprised?  Your Major Spoilers review of Power Rangers #3 from BOOM! Studios awaits!

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