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If you are looking for a unique way to help put your little one down at night (that is legal), and you want to earn some real geek parent cred, then Bedtime for Batman is the best way to do it.

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booksPro SeSolicitations

Pro Se Productions has announced a new Three Musketeers book, that collects tales of the Muskateers of the Guard.

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mata ninja

Mata the Ninja is going to fight his way through Shadow of the Fox, a new book from Pro Se Productions. IT’S A NINJA BOOK!

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booksDark Horse ComicsSolicitations

Yesterday, we learned that Dark Horse plans to release an adult coloring book by Fight Club creator, Chuck Palahniuk, and today we learn that Dark Horse plans on launching a much larger coloring book program.

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If you enjoy building massive trucks and earth-movers in LEGO form, prepare to build even smaller with Tiny LEGO Wonders, a new book from No Starch Press.

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booksFeaturedIDW PublishingInterviewsMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcast

This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: Tom Merritt stops by to talk about time travel and his upcoming book Pilot X, and then we are joined by Producer Arvind Ethan David, who talks with Stephen about Dirk Gently, the upcoming BBCA series, and the IDW Publishing mini-series.

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If you love the superhero genre, Pro Se Productions has a new anthology books titles Singularity: Rise of the Posthumans that you might want to check out.

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booksCivil WarSolicitations

There is a lot to unpack in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War (as well as the comic book series), and to help you figure out who is right and who is wrong, Travis Langley has a new book titled, Captain America vs. Iron Man: Freedom, Security, Psychology.

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booksPokemonSolicitationsVIZ Media

Here’s a weird one – a Pokemon Cookbook. Before you start screaming, “It’s made of Pikachus!” this is not a book on how to cook and serve Pokemon, but rather, how to make food that has a Pokemon twist. That’s probably a bit of relief for those who were worried Snorlax would become an easy target for foodies.

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booksDCDigital ComicsPress Release

PRESS RELEASE: Trajectory, Inc. the leading global network for eBook distribution and book discovery solutions, has reached an agreement with DC Entertainment to expand the comic book publisher’s digital footprint to global eBook retailers and libraries in North America and eventually Europe, Asia, South America and additional international markets.

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booksFeaturedLizard People Dear ReaderMajor SpoilersPodcast

It’s been a long winter, but the Lizard People are out of hibernation and back on their heating rocks (and more importantly, their mics). It’s our first episode with a guest host! We’re joined by virtual reality talk show host Will Smith to discuss Aurora, by Kim Stanley Robinson.

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booksHermes PressThe Phantom

The Phantom has been around for about as long as the most popular superheroes, and in August, Hermes Press will release the first collection of his Avon book run.

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If you are going to a comic book convention this year, and you want to dress up like your favorite character from videogames, comics, and film, you’re probably going to need to craft a weapon or two. Bill Doran has released his second volume of weapon making books, that will teach you to make props that are completely safe.

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booksBoom StudiosBOOM! BoxDCFeaturedGotham AcademyImage ComicsLumberjanesMarvelMs MarvelWomen in ComicsWonder Woman

March is Women’s History Month and for the comic book industry that means it is Women In Comics Month. As a companion piece to my editorial Why We Need Women in Comics Month (, I present you with my Top 5 Current Comics Starring Women.

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