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Blue BeetleDCSneak Peek

Who’s ready to grab a copy of Blue Beetle #3? It’s in stores today, and there’s a sneak peek, after the jump.

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Blue BeetleDCKieth GiffenSneak Peek

Blue Beetle #2 is in stores today. Take the jump for a sneak peek!

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Blue BeetleDCFeaturedMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcast

This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: Blue Beetle! Monsters Unleashed! Rise of the Black Flame #1, Saga #37, Night’s Dominion, and Archie Comics #11.

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Blue BeetleDCFeaturedGeek History lessonPodcast

Continuing the celebration of Blue Beetle Rebirth, we hop into the Bug and expose the secret files of Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle!

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Blue BeetleDCFeaturedGeek History lessonPodcast

Jaime Reyes is soon to show up in Blue Beetle Rebirth, so let’s open up our mystical books! Learn all the secrets of the third person to hold the mantle of the Blue Beetle!

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Blue BeetleBooster GoldDCPoll

No one likes to see their two favorite people in the whole world fight, but just like peanut butter and chocolate, heroes fighting heroes seems to be the name of the game these days. Which brings us to today’s fateful fisticuffs fretting – Blue Beetle or Booster Gold?

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Blue BeetleDCRebirthSneak Peek

This may be one of my most anticipated Rebirth issues from DC Comics. The publisher sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1, that you can check out, after the jump.

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Blue Beetle_FEATURED
Action FiguresBlue BeetleDCReviewToys

Shock ‘n Awe reviews the new DC Icons Blue Beetle 6″ toy. Wilson rages about DC toys breaking and the two end up fighting. Fun stuff.

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Blue BeetleBooster GoldDCMoviesRumorWarner Bros.

Of all the characters in the DC Universe I’ve said, time and time again, DC need to do a buddy cop movie featuring Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. And, if the Internet rumor is to be believed, it’s happening. Or not…

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Blue BeetleBooster GoldConvergenceDCFeaturedReview

One of the Booster Golds currently running around Telos (the planet, not the entity) has come face to face with his long lost friend Blue Beetle. Will the happy reunion last?

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Art Appreciation Moment of the DayBlue BeetleDC

With Convergence bringing back the Multiverse, I’m looking forward to seeing the adventures of Jaime Reyes again, if only for a brief moment before he’s erased from DC history once again.  That sent me on a search for Blue Beetle art, which revealed this wonderful piece by Mehmet Ozen.

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Blue BeetleCharlton ComicsConvergenceDCFeaturedReview

How do you attract the old school comic readers? Bring back characters from Earth-4!

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Blue BeetleCharlton ComicsFeaturedRetro ReviewReview

Though the Blue Beetle (or, more to the point, one of the Blue Beetles) has been part of the DC Universe since 1986 or so, his storied career dates back to the very beginning of the Golden Age.  With everyone’s favorite Beetle, Ted Kord, back in the spotlight in Convergence, it seems like the perfect time to delve into his history and see a little of what makes him so beloved… Strap in, Faithful Spoilerites, it’s time for the origins of the Blue Beetle!  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Blue Beetle #2 awaits!

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Black CanaryBlue BeetleBooster GoldDCEditorialFeaturedTeen TitansWarner Bros.Zatanna

With DC and Warner Brothers pushing to develop their cinematic universe in a similar, but totally unique way from Marvel Studios, a lot of titles have been scheduled to take to the silver screen in upcoming years. However, taking a step away from Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, DC Comics has several astounding properties that absolutely deserve to make it to the screen in their own right. I now humbly present you with my Top Five Comic Properties Warner Bros. Needs to Develop for Movies:   5. Jeff Lemire’s Earth One Teen Titans Teen Titans just had a pilot ordered

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