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Once again, it’s all about Matthew.  This week were pitting Matthew’s two favorite comic book characters of all time against one another in an arena of death.  On the Marvel side we have Mimic, once a member of the X-Men, he has the ability to copy peoples skills at will.  On the DC side we present Blok, the stoic stone hero from the Legion of Super-Heroes. FIGHT!

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Many of you were probably wondering where your edition of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13, which was originally scheduled to arrive last week (June 6) disappeared to… um…you are reading the series, right? DC Comics let us know the issue will ship next week (June 20), along with Justice League of America #10, and Countdown #45. JLA #10 concludes the lightning saga, and with Flash being the man that rides the lightning, along with the promo poster that shows a fallen “Flash” (presumably Bart Allen), could we be seeing the return of Barry Allen? Don’t forget to take the

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Or -“Since You Won’t Join In On My Internet Meme, Time To Drop Some Knowledge…” There’s just no excuse for the lack of information available on the heroes of my youth in this, the so-called information age. When I can easily access incredibly sensitive personal data, download the plans for any number of unwise-to-create devices, or see one of thousands of pictures of Britney’s bajingo, it’s absolutely criminal to see the dearth of solid information on something as basic as The Legion of Superheroes. I’ve been talking up Blok, the Legion’s resident philosopher, historian, and silicon lifeform for a couple

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