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Another Marvel LEGO build as we get closer to the release of Captain America: Civil War. This week we take a look at set 76050: Crossbones’ Hazard Heist.

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artArt Appreciation Moment of the DayBlack Widow

When I open Deviant Art, I never know what to expect. Sometimes I go there looking for something specific, other times I let the magic of the site move me to a piece of work that I want to share with you.  That’s the case today with this piece by Tom Kelly.

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dueling review feature
Black WidowDueling Review PodcastFeaturedMajor SpoilersMarvelPodcastRevival

YOU MUST STOP BLACK WIDOW AT ALL COST! Stephen and Matthew break down the action in this week’s Black Widow #1 by Chris Samnee and Mark Waid.

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Black WidowChris SamneeMark WaidMarvelSolicitations

If you loved Chris Samnee and Mark Waid on Marvel’s Daredevil series, you are probably going to flip over the news that the two are co-writing the upcoming Black Widow series!

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Black WidowChris SamneeMark WaidMarvelSolicitations

With her growing popularity thanks to her big screen appearances, fans will surely flock to Black Widow #1 that arrives from Marvel next year.

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Black WidowMarvelMs MarvelPress ReleasePunisherSilver SurferSolicitations

Press Release The skies grow dark and the end is nigh. Everything they know is about to come to an end. Fledgling heroes, soldiers and beings of pure cosmic energy alike face the end this June. And there is no coming back. Today, Marvel is pleased to present the first issues of four blockbuster LAST DAYS stories, leading in to the highly-anticipated Secret Wars. Beginning in June, be there as these heroes face their final hours and the obliteration of the Marvel Universe!

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The Iron Ceiling Feature Image
abcAgent CarterBlack WidowFeaturedHayley AtwellMarvelReview

The Iron Ceiling brings the Howling Commandos to television in an incredibly entertaining episode.  

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Action FiguresBlack WidowFeaturedHot ToysMajor SpoilersMerchandiseSideshow CollectiblesThe Want ListVideo

This week, on the Want List: Stephen unboxes the Black Widow 1/6th scale figure from Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles.

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Black WidowFeaturedMajor SpoilersMerchandiseSideshow CollectiblesstatuesThe Want ListVideo

This week, on the Want List: Stephen unboxes the Black Widow Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

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Black WidowMarvelSolicitations

Many a famous figure has appeared in Marvel comics over the years, and in November, CNN’s Anderson Cooper makes his Marvel Comics debut.

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Black WidowCaptain AmericaMarvelMerchandisePress Release

We can’t make this up… just read the press release.

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Black WidowMarvelPress ReleasePunisherSolicitations

Press Release Two of the most lethal soldiers in the Marvel Universe cross path’s this August in “Friend From Foe” – an exciting new crossover taking place in BLACK WIDOW #9 & THE PUNISHER #9! Rising star writer Nathan Edmondson along with blockbuster artists Phil Noto & Mitch Gerads craft a spy-action thriller that will take Frank and Natasha to the edge!

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Black WidowFeaturedMarvelReview

Hot on the trial of a new enemy, the Black Widow finds a familiar one, and ends up captured.  But is she trapped with them, or are they trapped with her?  Your Major Spoilers review of Black Widow #6 awaits!

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Age Of UltronAvengersBlack WidowFeaturedLegoMarvelMoviesOpinionWarner Bros.

It is no secret that The LEGO Movie has been a giant success for The Warner Brothers Studio by earning over $200 million in the United States alone. And, due to that financial success, Warner Bros made the announcement that a sequel will be created with the release date in the year 2017. These announcements are what is killing the sequel.

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