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Black Bolt #1
Black BoltMarvelSneak Peek

Major Spoilers has your first look at Black Bolt #1 from Marvel Comics. The issue is written by Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward.

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Black BoltFunkoMarvelPOP! FiguresToys

The Midknight King arrives in POP! Vinyl form later this month from Diamond Comic Distributors, Marvel, and Funko.

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Art Appreciation Moment of the DayBlack BoltMarvel

During his convention duties at the Dallas Comic Con, Yanick Paquette drew up this fabulous rendition of Black Bolt.

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Black BoltFantastic FourFFMarvelteaser

Marvel sent another teaser image for the upcoming Fantastic Four #600 and FF#12 that arrive in November that should feature the return of Johnny Storm… or as this teaser shows, Black Bolt.

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AvengersBlack BoltGhost RiderHulkIron ManMarvelSneak PeekThe InitiativeWorld War Hulk

Ok, maybe you didn’t read World War Hulk #1, but the return of the green goliath is going to rip through the Marvel U this summer and will have huge impact on everything to come. Already Hulk took the beat down to Black Bolt and Iron Man, now the war spills over into Ghost Rider and Avengers: The Initiative #4. Marvel Comics has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek at both issues that arrive July 18.

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Black BoltDoctor StrangeIlluminatiMarvelProfessor XReed RichardsReviewSub-Mariner

Or – “What Happens When The Smartest Heroes Are Neither Smart Nor Heroic…” The first two issues of The Illuminati miniseries can be boiled down pretty succinctly by saying this: Overconfidence and arrogance nearly costs them all their lives. In the first issue, it’s a miscalculation as to the competence of the Skrull Empire, in the second, they overestimate their own ability to resist the phenomenal cosmic power of the Infinity Gems. Every time we see this grouping, they have done something incredibly stupid because they presume to be smarter than everyone else on the planet, and that hubris will,

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Black BoltDoctor StrangeIlluminatiIron ManMarvelNamor The Sub MarinerProfessor XReed RichardsReview

Or – “This Is The Greatest And Best Retcon In The World… Tribute.” I’ll admit it: I’ve been extremely hesitant to review this issue, simply because I don’t want to have it come across as bashing Bendis, Marvel, or the Civil War in general. I’ve been skeptical (heck, some might even say negative) in my reactions to CW as a whole, and this book contains many of the same characters, by one of the key writers of CW, detailing the retconned backstory that sorta-kinda led to the events in question. To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Professor

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