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Birds of PreyDCNewsSolicitations

If you listened to the latest installment of Comic Dorks, and shame on you if you haven’t, you would have heard Jim Zub hint at his future involvement in a Big Two title. Well the bat’s out of the bag and we have the important details for you after the jump.

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Birds of PreyDCFeaturedReview

Birds of Prey #0 depicts the august beginnings of the vigilante supergroup featuring the Black Canary, Batgirl, and more. Major Spoilers’ review tells you if this book can take flight.

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Adult FilmsBirds of PreyTrailerVideo

The first trailer for Birds of Prey XXX has arrived. Don’t worry, there aren’t any naughty bits to bee seen, but there are a few choice words that are used that you may want to be aware of before you take the jump.

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Birds of PreyDCFeaturedNew 52Review

The Birds of Prey are back! But wait, they aren’t the same Birds of Prey you knew before. That can only mean one thing… NEW 52 DC RELAUNCH!

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Art Appreciation Moment of the DayBatgirlBirds of PreyDC

There is a “shocking revelation” that is “going to upset the status quo all over again” in an upcoming issue of Birds of Prey.  It features a special guest appearance by Batgirl – BATGIRL!?

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Birds of PreyDCTrailerVideo

There have been a number of “trailers” for the upcoming new DC books that hit the Internet this week.  Birds of Prey #1 arrives September 21, 2011, but you can check out preview art in this spot for the book.

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BatmanBirds of PreyDCSolicitations

With the October Solicitations just around the corner, DC is taking this week to tease us with more titles arriving in October, including two new number ones featuring the Huntress and Penguin.

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Birds of PreyDCFeaturedGail SimoneReview

When the break-in to Junior’s HQ goes awry, the Huntress and the Question are called upon to save the day.

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BatgirlBatwomanBirds of PreyCatwomanDCGail Simone

We’ve been waiting for the official word from DC Comics, and now it is here.  Want to know what is going on with Batwoman, Catwoman, and Barbara Gordon as Batgirl?  Take the jump already!

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Birds of PreyDCGail SimoneSneak Peek

On sale next week is the next chapter of the Death of Oracle storyline playing out in DC Comics’ Birds of Prey.  The company released a sneak peek of the issue, that you can see after the jump.

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Birds of PreyDCGail Simone

DC Comics has announced that beginning with issue #12, Jesus Saiz will be the ongoing artist for Birds of Prey.  This is good news for the title that has seen a revolving door of artists these last couple of months.  According to Birds of Prey writer, Gail Simone, it’s all good. “We were lucky to get him, and when his first piece of art came in, the cover to Birds of Prey #12, we knew absolutely he was the perfect choice. We cannot WAIT for you to see his take on Dinah, Helena, Babs and Zinda. Together, we’re going to

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Birds of PreyDCOracleSneak Peek

DC Comics has released a sneak peek of Birds of Prey #7 that features the story “The Death of Oracle”.

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artArt Appreciation Moment of the DayBatmanBirds of Prey

Stanley Lau knows how to crank out some pretty awesome images, and the stuff he’s doing for comics is out of this world.  His recent Birds of Prey #8 cover makes it into today’s installment of the Art Appreciation Moment of the Day.

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Birds of PreyBlack CanaryDCed benesFeaturedGail SimoneOracleReview

It’s showdown time in Gotham’s alleys. The mysterious new White Canary is playing her hand but can Black Canary and Huntress make it out of this fight in one piece? Is White Canary the mastermind behind the blackmail threat?

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