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In this installment of The Want List – BAZINGA!

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Why am I sharing this?  I know a number of you are The Big Bang Theory fans, and there are also a number of you who like actress Kaley Cuoco.  Combine that with a keyword like Spider-Man, and promoting Universal with more Universal news coming soon, and you have this.

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I kind of get a big kick out of celebrities getting into cosplay.  Here is Kaley Cuoco – of Big Bang Theory fame – dressed as Wonder Woman, and apparently enjoying some Confectionery delight. via Kaley Cuoco  

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Did anyone pay really close attention to the set during last night’s “Big Bang Theory” of scenes set in the comic book shop?  Obviously a lot of DC stuff is going to be around (CBS and Time/Warner have a lot of deals together), but last night there were a plethora of Dark Horse and Image comic properties around the set.  What about Marvel?  From what I could tell, there was nary a scrap.  Is there a conspiracy afoot?  Is someone not playing ball? Did someone fail to slip the money under the table? Discuss.

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