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BatmanBatman And RobinDCFeaturedReviewRobintim seeleyTony Daniel

The monthly Bat-family titles are doing very well, in my estimation, but I really have missed the weekly Batman Eternal. Regardless of the schedule, I knew for a whole year that every single week I went to the local comics shop, I would be buying and bringing home to read an excellent Bat-comic. It was great! Well, now the sequel has arrived, and while it’s only going to run six months this time, I’m still really engaged in this book, and I’m highly recommending it!

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Batman And RobinConvergenceDCFeaturedReview

Finally! The Pre-Flashpoint DCU is back, and Batman and Robin take the center stage to fight the badguys, feed the homeless, and come to grips with having to kill or be killed as the dome comes down in Convergence: Batman and Robin #1.

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AnnouncementsBatmanBatman And RobinDCFeaturedMoviesWarner Bros.

Adam West and Burt Ward announced in a video that dropped yesterday at fans of the Batman ’66 television series can look forward to an upcoming 90 minute animated movie with the stars returning to voice their respective roles as Batman and Robin. The film is set to be released next year. It has yet to be confirmed whether or not any other original Batman ’66 cast member will be reprising their roles.   Via Comicbook.coma

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BatmanBatman And RobinDCFeaturedGothamGotham AcademyReviewWomen in Comics

Gotham Academy #4 has Olive and Pomeline dealing with the consequences of their ghost hunt and Olive making a dangerous discovery in the final pages.  

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Batman And RobinDCFeaturedRetro ReviewReview

Our first official Retro Review journeys to the comics of 2005 continue, with the top-selling DC comic of that year that doesn’t really seem like a whole decade ago, but is the comic actually any good?  The answer is… …complicated.  Your Major Spoilers (retro) review of All-Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #1 awaits!

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BatgirlBatmanBatman And RobinDCFeaturedPeter J. TomasiRed RobinReviewRobin

Batman and Robin #36 has Batman tearing apart Apokalips in search of Damian and three other Robins are also present to help their patriarch out.

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BatmanBatman And RobinCatwomanComics PortalDCFeaturedFrank MillerOpinionRobin

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 11, is a day that many Bat-fans have literally been waiting decades for! On that day, Batman: The Complete Television Series will vroom onto both DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

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batmanandrobin34 - Major Spoilers
BatmanBatman And RobinDCFeaturedReview

Stay out of Batman’s way, Justice League. Nothing will stop Batman from bringing his son back from Apokolips in the newest issue of Batman and Robin.

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Batman And RobinDark Horse ComicsDCFeaturedWayne's Comics Podcast

One of my very favorite writers in comics today is Peter J. Tomasi, probably best known for his work on DC’s Batman and Robin, the Green Lantern family of books and The Mighty. However, the first story of his I ever read was The Light Brigade, which was recently reprinted in a deluxe hardcover edition with additional content from Dark Horse. It’s a gripping story of war and events of biblical proportions! Peter talks with me about how the book came to be, how he feels seeing this product getting new life and a new audience as well as what

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BatmanBatman And RobinDCFeaturedFrankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.Review

The Batman’s mad quest to resurrect his lost son Damian he led him to extreme measures. One of those included capturing the hero known as Frankenstein and dissecting him to find out how he ticks, in the hopes of applying that theory to his lost Robin.  I suspect that this may make for a rather awkward reunion…  Your Major Spoilers review of Batman And Frankenstein #31 awaits!

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BatmanBatman And RobinDCFeaturedReviewTwo-Face

Forget what you think you know about Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent and the events that led to the creation of Two-Face.  Batman and his frenemy are back, and the New 52 has a few twists and turns in store for the Dark Knight’s scarred counterpart.  Your Major Spoilers review of Batman And Two-Face #28 awaits!

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BatmanBatman And RobinDCReviewTwo-Face

It’s double trouble as Batman investigates Harvey Dent’s past to try to find him in the present—but is he ready to face the dark truth behind Two-Face’s origin?

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BatmanBatman And RobinDCMajor SpoilersReviewUncategorized

As the Forever Evil villains event continues this month in DC, we’re learning very interesting things about the baddies, and this issue is no exception!

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BatmanBatman And Robincomic conventionDCRobinsan diegosan Diego Comic ConToys

Hot Toys has a few series on display at SDCC. One of which is a fantastic looking set of Batman and Robin along with the Batmobile from the classic show. Take the jump for a look.

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