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AuctionHulkIncredible HulkJack KirbyStan Lee

Earlier this month, auction house ComicConnect sold Incredible Hulk #1 for an incredible $375,000. That’s a new record for the comic that was first released in 1962.

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AuctionDoctor StrangeHeritage AuctionsMarvel

Recently, the original cover art for Strange Tales #164, featuring Doctor Strange, hit the auction block, and by the time the gavel fell the original art tied the record for another Doctor Strange cover.

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AuctionBack To The Futurecomic conventionWizard WorldWizard World Chicago

PRESS RELEASE: Wizard World, Inc., (WIZD) the preeminent producer of Wizard World Comic Cons across North America, is partnering with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) to auction off a custom-made and autographed Back to the Future™ 2-in-1 digital pinball and arcade machine, created by VPcabs. The machine will be donated by VPcabs and autographed by cast members Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson. VPcabs will be debuting the 2-in-1 digital pinball and arcade machine, along with its digital pinball machine (pictured above left), at Wizard World Chicago, August 18 – 21.

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Action ComicsAuctionHeritage AuctionsSuperman

Last month, Heritage Auctions put a CGC 5.5 copy of Action Comics #1 on the auction block. It sold yesterday for nearly one million dollars.

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AuctionDCHarley QuinnHeritage Auctions

The Suicide Squad movie arrives in just a few weeks, and wouldn’t you know it, the first comic book appearance of Harley Quinn has landed on the auction block at Heritage Auctions.

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AuctionDCHeritage AuctionsSwamp Thing

If you are a collector of original comic book art, Heritage Auctions has an event coming up that will feature the sale of Bernie Wrightson’s cover to Swamp Thing #1 and more.

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Action ComicsAuctionHeritage AuctionsSuperman

It is the hope and dream of every comic book collector to get their hands on a super rare comic. Unfortunately, high quality copies can go for millions of dollars. This also applies to rare comics of lesser grade. A new Heritage Auctions auction for a CGC 5.5 Action Comics #1 is going on now, and it’s way out of my price range.

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AuctionHeritage Auctions

The first appearance of Black Panther by Jack Kirby, original Peanuts strips, and an ultra rare Bill Watterson Calvin and Hobbes strip from 1987 hit the auction block in May.

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H.P. Lovecraft’s long-lost manuscript, The Cancer of Superstition, has only been talked about in hushed tones since 1926 when it disappeared following the death of Harry Houdini. Now, thanks to a private collector, the manuscript has been found, and is going on the auction block.

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AuctionInkwell AwardsPress Release

PRESS RELEASE: The Inkwell Awards, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting the art of comic book inking, will auction off the artwork for their sixth annual Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge. This season they have an additional “spin-off” Challenge program, The Sinnott Inking Challenge Spotlight, which focuses on the pencil art of award-winning creator and DC comics co-publisher, Jim Lee. The fundraiser event debuts on March 13.

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Amazing Spider-ManAuctionHeritage Auctions

Yesterday, at the Heritage Auctions event, a 9.4 graded Amazing Fantasy #15 was sold for nearly half a million dollars.

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AuctionHeritage AuctionsSpider-Man

Look, I know you have millions stashed away in that jar in the back yard, and knowing your love of comics, you’re going to want to dig it up and plunk some of it down when Amazing Fantasy #15 goes on the auction block.

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It’s probably one of the most iconic frames of animation depicting love; Lady and the Tramp’s romantic dinner of spaghetti is hitting the auction block this weekend in Dallas, Texas.

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AuctionGreen ArrowGreen LanternHeritage AuctionsNeal Adams

Heritage Auctions has Neal Adams’ original cover art on the auction block, and it is expected to go for at least $300,000.

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