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Attack on TitanVideo Games reports that KOEI Tecmo America (Dynasty), are working to bring the Attack On Titan experience to consoles everywhere. Today they what is being called an “announcement trailer”: “The game will follow the storyline of the first season, which revolves around Eren Jaegar’s quest to avenge his mother and take out the imposing titans once and for all. As you can see in the trailer, KOEI is attempting to bring that same sense of scale into the game, and the combat looks to take after the show, with your characters zipping across the skyline attempting to bring the titans to their knees.” From

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Crunchyroll has reported that Attack on Titan spinoff Attack on Titan Junior High is set to introduce live action segments related to the animated segments, the first of which is to be titled Advancing! Treasure Hunt and will premier on October 3rd. Attack on Titan Junior High does not enjoy the popularity of the regular Attack on Titan anime series, but to it’s credit, it is not afraid to try strange new things in order to carve out a unique place among the large international fanbase. Do you think mixing anime and live action segments is a good move for Attack on Titan Junior High? Are you

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