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Given Wolverine’s assumed age, it should come as no surprise that Marvel reckons the most popular Canadian export short of Bryan Adams is deserving of a #1000 issue. Served up as an anthology, 5 distinct voices give life to everyone’s favorite Admantium runt. Find out if Logan knows the words to ‘Summer of 69’ by taking the jump!

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A preview of things to come I’ve been a fan of the Savannah College of Art and Design for a number of years.  Not only does the college crank out talented artists, they also have a sequential art program that preps students for the comic book industry.  For the last four years the school has released an anthology series featuring the works of some of its top talents.  The 2008 Sequential Art Anthology arrived at my door the other day, and even though it doesn’t hit the shelves until January 2009, Major Spoilers has an early first look.

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