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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Set 2: Stardust Crusaders
AnimePress ReleaseVIZ Media

VIZ Media delivers Season 2 of the action-driven, multigenerational anime series with the home media release of JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE SET 2: STARDUST CRUSADERS on July 3rd.

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Sailor Moon
AnimePress ReleaseSailor MoonVIZ Media

VIZ Media will partner with Fathom Events, to present a special series of SAILOR MOON limited engagements set for July and August at more than 590 movie theaters across the United States.

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One Punch Man
AnimeBusinessMangaVIZ Media

VIZ Media has announced that it has secured the master license for the second season of the anime action series, One-Punch Man.

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Seis Manos
AnimeNetflixPress ReleaseVIZ Media

Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, announced today, Seis Manos, its first original anime series set in Mexico, launching on Netflix globally in 2019. The series is produced by VIZ Media, LLC.

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Sailor Moon Super Set 1
AnimePress ReleaseSailor MoonSolicitationsVIZ Media

VIZ Media adds a new home media edition to its renowned SAILOR MOON anime catalog with the release of SAILOR MOON SUPERS SET 1.

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AnimeBandaiPress ReleaseVideo Games

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment today reveal more characters for My Hero Academia: One’s Justice scheduled to be launched in 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and PC.

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Hunter X Hunter Phantom Rogue
AnimationAnimePress ReleaseSolicitationsVIZ Media

VIZ Media announces an exciting feature film addition to its HUNTER X HUNTER catalog with the release of HUNTER X HUNTER: PHANTOM ROUGE.

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Fan Film Friday TIE Fighter Star Wars
AnimeFan FilmStar WarsVideo

We shared portions of this video many years ago when the creators were still in development, and somehow the final version slipped past our radar. For that reason, check out this incredible animated short film, TIE Fighter.

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AnimePress ReleaseSolicitationsVIZ Media

VIZ Media announces the home media release of the sci-fi horror anime series TERRAFORMARS on January 23rd.

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