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DC Entertainment has released a new animated DC Super Hero Girls shot that puts Bumblebee front and center a Hero of the Month.

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Batman: Bad Blood just landed in our laps last week, and we already know what Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment have in store for us next – Justice League vs. Teen Titans.

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Lucasfilm sent us an early look at next week’s Star Wars Rebels episode, “The Protector of Concord Dawn.”

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Batman: Bad Blood premiered worldwide tonight and not only does Barbara Gordon Batgirl have a surprised appearance in the movie, but she appears in the updated Cameron Stewart-designed costume that lit up the internet with its popularity. Granted, Batgirl is a very minor figure in Batman: Bad Blood with not a word to her name. Instead the movie houses on Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman and Batwing and it will be nice to introduce another female character into the DC Animated Universe for use going forward and to highlight this character at a peek in her popularity. Are your as excited as we are

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AnimationDeadpoolFan FilmVideo

When Deadpool arrives in theaters next month, fans are going to get their first look at an R-rated mainstream comic book movie. There has been a petition for a PG-13 version, which makes no sense, so for those who want to see something more kid friendly, here’s an animated trailer.

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While we haven’t seen the live-action version of Vixen appear on The Flash or Arrow (yet), The CW has announced that the animated version of Vixen is getting a season two.

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This is a weird week to be a fan film creator. With the Paramount/CBS lawsuit against the Axanar fan movie, everyone has to be walking on eggshells hoping your project doesn’t set anyone off. Joel Furtado has to be looking over his shoulder now that he has released X-Men: Danger Room, a trailer for a bi-weekly animated fan film series.

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When Alex Hirsch announced he was ending Gravity Falls, he made note that he didn’t know what he was going to do next. Oh what two months can do.

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Netflix, Inc. and DreamWorks Animation (NASDAQ: DWA) today announced the expansion of their current multi-year deal, making Netflix the global home, outside of China, to a number of new original series for the whole family from the studio. The deal also covers streaming rights to the DreamWorks Animation feature film library.

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With DC announcing that fan campaigns do have an impact on what they release, one has to wonder if fan demand generated by fan films would have the same effect on the House of Ideas. Allegra Town Studio has released a quick animated clip of Spider-Gwen in action.

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If you were like me (and the hundreds of other people in the theater), and laughed your head off during the Zootopia trailer that ran ahead of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then you’re ready for another trailer direct from Disney.

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February 15th will be a day of mixed feelings. The scorned will be nursing their hatred, while the lovers will be dancing in the streets. For Gravity Falls fans, that day will be very confusing on the feelings front, as we not only get a new Gravity Falls episode, but we’ll also be getting the last Gravity Falls episode.

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Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced the latest Batman animated movie, Batman: Bad Blood, will premiere in New York on January 19, 2016. But wait, there’s more.

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dc super hero girls

The latest installment of DC Super Hero Girls has arrived, and it is time for a weapons test.

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