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A trope is a recognizable theme used in storytelling. The kidnapped princess, the final battle, the training montage, these are all tropes we have seen again and again. Usually recognition of a familiar trope is a good thing, it lets the audience know how they should feel about things and sets them up either for a satisfying conclusion or an excited twist. But what happens when a trope goes stale? When you can’t watch two hours of TV without seeing the same situation over and over, like the wriiers just emptied their cliche bladders all over the place? Some themes have suffered this fate, through excessive use now they accomplish the opposite of what the writers want, to take the viewer out of the experience. What follows is a list of tropes that I find tiresome, troubling and most of all trite.

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American DreamMarvelReview

Or, “No, really, remind me who Steve Rogers is?” Well, hot off the news that American Dream #1 has sold out I get to review the second issue, and number two is keeping me as thrilled as number one did! This is how comics used to be, and I really wish that Marvel would bring back the MC2 Universe in a more regular way. Sure, the Spider-Girl series is good, but there is so much more MC2 love out there to discover!

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American DreamMarvelSneak Peek

The first adventure of Ms. Captain America as seen in American Dream #1 has sold out at the distributor level. While Marvel says they have no plans to go back to press, you can bet a second printing will be along shortly. In the mean time, Marvel Comics has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the second issue that arrives this week.

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