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[youtube][/youtube] Well I didn’t think the series was that bad, but because it was strung out for so long, I did lose interest.  The big reveal at the end did have me wondering “WTF?” After all, unless you knew there was a big New Gods story coming down the pipe, a reader could be seriously messed up.  And there is the little matter of knowing who Granny Goodness is in the first place – something many new readers of DC comics might not know about.  I give the series 2.5 out of 5 Stars, but that is nothing compared to

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Death of a New God Last week readers got a few clues into the mystery of Jimmy Olsen, Mary Batson stumbled upon a repowered Black Adam, Stinky made the other Monitors angry, and Karate Kid continued to hang out in a JLA cell. So what becomes of our key characters this week?

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One thing you should never do is make a bunch of Amazon warriors angry. DC has made a preview of Amazons Attack #1 available for you to check out. I’ve read the first issue and it isn’t too bad at all. While it won’t rock the DC Universe to its knees there will be several lines drawn that will last for a couple of years.

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