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I was very impressed with the pilot episode of Amazon’s The Tick. It looks like there were a lot more people who wanted to see The Tick get a series, because it is happening. In addition, those that complained about the costume looking like poo are in for a treat, as Peter Serafinowicz is getting a new costume, too!

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For those that enjoyed the pilot episode of The Tick from Amazon Studios, good news! The online studio has given the greenlight for a full season of the show.

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On Friday, Amazon released the pilot episode of The Tick as part of its Amazon Prime Pilot Season initiative.

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Press Release Amazon Studios, the original content arm of, Inc., is introducing an all-new digital comic book today – Blackburn Burrow, a story set in Civil War America where supernatural horrors are infesting a small Appalachian town in Northern Georgia. Blackburn Burrow first came to Amazon Studios in the form of a feature film screenplay from writer Jay Levy. Community feedback, gathered from Amazon Studios’ crowdsourcing model, triggered the idea for the popular project to be adapted into a digital comic that would be shared with audiences for feedback and tested for viability as a major motion picture.

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