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Global jet-setter Peter Parker has expanded far beyond Forest Hills, Queens, but he’s discovered that new vistas mean all new problems.  And some of them feature old enemies… Your Major Spoilers review of Amazing Spider-Man #7 awaits!

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Oh my gosh… WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!? I’ve seen everything from Uncle Ben’s return to Peter’s parents returning. What do you think this means? Use the comment section below to share your thoughts and reactions.

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The new Dice Masters are here! The new Dice Masters are here! Stephen opens up the new Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man set and picks out a set of card he thinks works best for a beginner.

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Dice Master fans, you probably know this already, but just in case you didn’t get the release date down on your calendar, the Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man set arrives in stores today.

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Marvel is bringing the world’s greatest Spiders together to form the Web Warriors!

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For Peter Parker, the Secret Wars are over, and it’s time to get on with the business of being Spider-Man. Of course, there have been a few changes…  Your Major Spoilers review of The Amazing Spider-Man #1 awaits!

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Amazing Spider-ManGamingMarvelPress ReleaseWiz Kids Games

WizKids, maker of the popular Dice Masters series of tabletop dice-building games, is pleased to announce the newest game in the platform, featuring everyone’s favorite wall-crawler: Marvel’s Spider-Man! The new Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man collection will arrive in North American retail this November, and promises plenty of fun and awesome dice-building adventures for fans and collectors.

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Amazing Spider-ManDan SlottSpider-Man

Marvel sent Major Spoilers an early look at Amazing Spider-Man #2 by Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli.

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Amazing Spider-ManFeaturedMarvelPunisherRetro ReviewReview

Every hero has to come from somewhere.  Some are entirely new characters, other long-term supporting characters, and a few heroes are actually old heroes taking on a whole new identity.  (Looking at you, Hank Pym!) But a few special heroes started out as super-villains, and you’re about to meet their king.  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Amazing Spider-Man #129 awaits!

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Amazing Spider-ManMarvelSecret WarsSneak PeekSpider-IslandSpider-Man

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Amazing Spider-ManFeaturedMarvelReviewSecret Wars

The story that several fans have been clamoring for since ‘One More Day’, but… Will it be what they’ve been hoping for?  Your Major Spoilers review of Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 awaits!

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Amazing Spider-ManMarvelSneak PeekSpider-Man

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Amazing Spider-ManDan SlottMarvelPress ReleaseSecret WarsSpider-Man

Press Release This June, not even the Amazing Spider-Man is safe from the Secret Wars – and neither are you True Believers! Prepare for a seismic Spidey story the likes of which has to be read to be believed in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1 – a new Secret Wars series! Blockbuster creators Dan Slott and Adam Kubert pull out all the stops on this next evolutionary step for Peter Parker.

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Press Release Peter Parker may be back from Spider-Verse, but his troubles are far from over! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16.1, the first chapter of SPIRAL! One of the most celebrated Spider-Man writers of all-time, Gerry Conway returns to the webhead alongside blockbuster artist Carlo Barberi for an all-new tale of crime and corruption in the dark corners of the Marvel Universe. That’s right, the man who brought you some of the most shocking and iconic Spidey stories in history returns for a new story that’s sure to be no exception!

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