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It’s no secret that there is a plethora of villains making appearances in  Amazing Spider-Man 2, and one that might have come as a shock to many is the inclusion of the Green Goblin. Up to this point we have only seen quick glimpses on the villain in trailers, teasers and images, but now we can get a close look thanks to an official image.

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A trope is a recognizable theme used in storytelling. The kidnapped princess, the final battle, the training montage, these are all tropes we have seen again and again. Usually recognition of a familiar trope is a good thing, it lets the audience know how they should feel about things and sets them up either for a satisfying conclusion or an excited twist. But what happens when a trope goes stale? When you can’t watch two hours of TV without seeing the same situation over and over, like the wriiers just emptied their cliche bladders all over the place? Some themes have suffered this fate, through excessive use now they accomplish the opposite of what the writers want, to take the viewer out of the experience. What follows is a list of tropes that I find tiresome, troubling and most of all trite.

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Or – “Do You Know How Many Captain Americas There Actually Are?“ As part of my Major Spoilers Star-Spangled Weekend™, I’m going to be periodically checking in with you, the Faithful Spoilerites to talk a little pop culture during my long weekend off.  (Vacation from two out of three jobs is the best I’m going to get.)  This time around, Captain America, American Son, as well as the greatest heroes of China and Russia take center stage as we look at the best and worst of last month with our monthly Rapid-Fire REVIIIEOOOOOOOOooOOOOOEWWWW!

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