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[Business] Alterna kicks off new year with new logo and lower prices

PRESS RELEASE –  For 10 years, Alterna Comics has produced over 50 different graphic novels for distribution in comic shops and bookstores.  Now entering their 11th year, Alterna is announcing plans for a single issue lineup that will feature throwback style covers, a new logo, prices under $1.99 an issue, and the distant but familiar feel of newsprint.

Alterna Comics
The Chair (2016) Movie Review

The Chair is a new horror/psychological thriller based on the Alterna Comics graphic novel of the same name.  How does an innocent man on death row cope with a sadistic warden and brutal guards?  Can he come to grips with his reality while dealing with the monsters inside the prison?  Who are the real monsters?  The Major Spoilers review of The Chair awaits you!

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