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Alterna Comics Cyko Ko! #2 Review
CYKO KO! #2 Review

The groovy robot stunt motorcyclist without a cause, Cyko KO, has been assigned to guard injured actor Steve MacKinaw as he lays in a coma in the Startopia Hospital. What will Cyko KO and his friends do when arch-baddie Chen sends his own robot out to kill MacKinaw? CYKO KO #2, from Alterna Comics, is in shops on October 17th!

Alterna Comics It Came Out On A Wednesday #2 Review
It Came Out on a Wednesday #2 Review

For as long as people have been printing stories, there have been collections of tales by multiple writers, bound together by a common denominator, and packaged for the reading public, these anthologies have often been a proving ground for all stripes of creators. Now, Alterna Comics brings us the latest in their own anthology series, It Came Out On A Wednesday #2. Let’s see what hidden gems we can find.

Alterna Comics
Eden #1 Review

In the far future, an alien race has conquered the Earth. The planet Eden offers a safe haven, but is it really as safe as it seems, or is there a dark secret being hidden? Find out in Eric Henson’s Eden #1 (of 4) from Alterna Comics!

Alterna Comics Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Doppleganger, Jordan Hart, Alterna Comics, horror,
Wayne’s Comics Podcast #318: Jordan Hart

I love a comic that makes me feel! That’s why I enjoyed talking with Jordan Hart, creator of Doppleganger, an ongoing Alterna Comics miniseries that explores what would happen if a being was able to take your place in society, even convince your wife it was you.

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