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In December 1941, the Justice Society Of America was targeted by a group of ne’er-do-wells and taken out of the picture, leaving nothing in the way of their dreams of conquest.  That’s when the President himself got involved…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of All-Star Squadron #1 awaits!

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All-Star SquadronDCFeaturedJustice Society of AmericaRetro ReviewReview

Or – “The Genesis Of My Love Of Huge Teams Of Obscure Heroes..” I’m sure it’s no surprise that I love super-team stories, the bigger the better.  I am, after all, a long-time devotee of the Legion of Super-Heroes, after all.  But my affection for big teams didn’t originate with the LSH.  Indeed, I really didn’t get into that team until the roughly 1990 or so.  Half a decade earlier, Golden Age virtuoso Roy Thomas made the Legion’s usual 18 to 24 members look like nothing, and in so doing really helped to start me down a path that would

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According to Dwayne McDuffie, Warner Home Entertainment is adapting the Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely All-Star Superman series as an animated feature that will be released next Spring. No other announcements have been made, and the news does come as a bit of a surprise as there is no announcement or sneak peek on the new Batman: Under the Red Hood DVD. via Dwayne McDuffie

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Or – “The Capstone To Our Major Spoilers Star-Spangled Weekend™!” The Hero History project is a strange and nebulous beastie, and has plumbed the depths of several corners of the Silver, Bronze and modern ages, as well as the depths of space and the mind of Jack Kirby.  But one thing we’ve NEVER done before is troll through the Golden Age itself, that far-flung lost realm filled with Nazis, Fifth Columnists, guys named “Scooop,” “Hop,” and “Stripesy,” as well as the prototypical heroes that started this whole soopa-dupin’ thing in the first place.  Though predated by MLJ/Archie comics The Shield (the

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