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Happy Holidays! It’s time for another special week at the Wayne’s Comics podcast, with a great interview and my yearly holiday tradition!

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Some characters work no matter what universe he or she is in. For instance, Spider-Man dealt with other incarnations of himself in the Spider-Verse saga. Honestly, I couldn’t begin to count all of them! My favorite hero is also one that thrives in many different settings. The Batman, this version from Earth One, has returned in the second volume of that series, and it’s an excellent sequel.

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It’s been a while since I reviewed the Batman comic, but that doesn’t mean the level of quality has dropped. To the contrary, it’s as excellent as it ever was, if not better! This week has the second part of the “Endgame” storyline continuing another great Joker tale, with a lot of revelations you won’t want to miss, believe me! Oh, and the price returned to $3.99 this month as well, so good news all around!

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If you’re one of the idle rich, who laze away the day by the pool, hang with the beauties, and get a lot of press for being rich, but by night you are a secret avenger, striking fear into the hearts of men, having a manservant who can keep your secret, yet help you out in your quest for justice is a top priority. Alfred Pennyworth has been the Batman’s batman for years and has patched up the Dark Knight more times than we can count.  Likewise, Edwin Jarvis began catering Tony Stark, but eventually found himself waiting hand and

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Sir Michael Caine has confirmed what many have speculated since the ending of Batman Begins – the next film will be called The Joker. The news comes from an interview Caine did with Turner Movies UK. This is kind of a no brainer since the Joker card was seen at the end of the Bat flick. It would be very interesting if this were not just a sequel but rather a real look into the Joker’s background. It would also be great if they used the back story from A Killing Joke. Caine gave very little information on the project

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