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Al RioFeaturedGrimm Fairy TalesReviewZenescope Entertainment

With a storm raging outside and the bodies dropping on the inside, Annie and the rest of the survivors must prevent themselves from becoming the monsters next meal. Can they succeed? Or will their abrasive personalities be their downfall?

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Al RioartArt Appreciation Moment of the DayHoliday

As we slide into the big holiday and the end of the year, plenty of holiday wishes and greeting cards are being sent out.  Al Rio is giving everyone a sneak peek of his 2010 holiday card before they get mailed out.

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Al RioartArt Appreciation Moment of the DayBlack Cat

Al Rio knows how to draw sexy women. Sure, they may not be a mirror of real life, but when trying to attract the eye to the cover of a comic book that you want to sell, I would want Al Rio in my corner.

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Al RioFeaturedInterviews

Brazilian artist Al Rio’s stunning art work has been featured in several titles such as World War Hulk, X-Men Unlimited and Grimm Fairy Tales, just to name a few. The super talented artist takes time out to speak with Major Spoiler’s own Victoria about his career, personal life and working in the industry.

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Al RioGrimm Fairy TalesZenescope Entertainment

This October Zenescope Entertainment will be reprinting the first three issues of the popular Grimm Fairy Tales series. I think I’ve described the series as a cross between the real gory Grimm tales, and The Twilight Zone. Although things have taken an interesting turn in the most recent issue, the first three issues are really stellar. To make these reprints stand out, Zenescope will pack the issues with Editor’s Extras, which feature extra artwork, sketches, character designs and new covers. Take the jump for a preview of the Al Rio cover for issue #1.

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Al RioGrimm Fairy TalesReturn to WonderlandZenescope Entertainment

Zenescope Entertainment sent me one of the collected trades of Grimm Fairy Tales, and I have to say I really like it. From the fantastic covers by Al Rio to the Twilight Zone-ish stories, Zenescope has a hidden gem you really should check out. Last weekend, the company released Return to Wonderland #0 for a mere 99 cents and it completely sold out at Diamond, prompting Zenescope to order a 2nd printing of the issue. Everytime I have posted the cover image to the first printing, there are a ton of hits and downloads from those digging on the Al

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