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Afro SamuraiDC UnlimitedToys

DC Comics announced the creation of DC Unlimited yesterday, along with their first line of World of Warcraft action figures. The new brand isn’t stopping with just those figures, announcing today the acquisition to license and release figures based on Afro Samurai the animated series. Afro Samurai collectibles will include fully articulated 6.75″ figures and 14 inch resin busts and statue. The first wave will include Afro Samurai his bad self, sidekick Ninja Ninja, and adversaries Kuma and Justice. These figures are expected to hit comic book and specialty stores this Fall.

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Afro SamuraiSamuel L. JacksonTelevision

Samuel L. Jackson is the Afro Samurai in Spike TV’s aptly named Afro Samurai.  This will be a five episode series which puts the samurai in futuristic feudal Japan.  Isn’t that the premise of Samurai Jack?  Whatever… In this original concept idea, Afro Samurai is out to revenge the death of his father.  Looks like this will be a bloody and viloent series, so parents keep your kids away.  Don’t believe me? You can check it out the trailer for yourself over at the offical website. via Afro Samurai (link)

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