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Sneak Peek Cut-Man #1
[Previe] Cut-Man #1

Action Lab Entertainment will release a number of digital-first comics this week. Take the jump for a sneak peek of Cut-Man #1 from Alexander Banks-Jongman and Robert Ahmad.

Review Adventure Finders Edge of Empire #5 Review
Adventure Finders #5: The Edge of Empire Review 6.3

Rod Espinosa has created a fantastic world that is accompanied by beautiful art and engaging writing. Watching Clarinette grow over the course of this story has been fascinating. Come check out what I’m talking about in Adventure Finders #5 by Action Lab Entertainment!

Sneak Peek Burning Rubber
[First Look] Burning Rubber One-Shot

Action Lab: Danger Zone has released a sneak peek of Burning Rubber, a new one-shot that “tells its high octane crime story from the perspective of a getaway driver who is unknowingly stealing drug money from the Russian mob and from the perspective of the outlaw biker who is guarding the money.”

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