Review: Robin/Spoiler Special #1

In last week’s review of Robin #174, I wondered what was going to happen with the Tim/Stephanie/Robin/Spoiler relationship now that Stephanie has returned to Gotham City from her sojourn in Africa. The Robin/Spoiler special released this past week from DC Comics clears up some of those unanswered questions.


Interview: Josh LeBar

Josh LeBar draws on all kinds of life experiences when giving voice to Flash Thompson for “The Spectacular Spider-Man.”

LeBar, best known for his role as agent Ari Gold’s arch rival Josh Weinstein on HBO’s “Entourage,” has lived the life of both a prep jock and an aspiring super hero … so taking on Flash Thompson’s persona wasn’t much of a reach.


Iron Man vs. Batman #2

Because a little snark on a Friday is a good thing. [youtube]http://youtube.com/watch?v=GiBhLayXlwA[/youtube]