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Wayne Hall creates the Wayne's Comics Podcast. He’s interviewed Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, John Layman, Kyle Higgins, Phil Hester, Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, David Petersen, Christos Gage, Mike Grell, and Matt Kindt. Each episode also includes reviews, news and previews. On this site each week, he writes his "Comics Portal" column (general comics comments and previews) and reviews comics.

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Anyone here remember the Marvel Treasury Edition books? I do, but that’s because I’m old enough! Well, they’re coming back with Spidey: All-New Treasury Edition Vol. 1, scheduled to appear in comics shops this June. It will collect the first five issues of the new Spidey comic, written by Robbie Thompson and with art by Nick Bradshaw. For those unfamiliar with it, Spidey focuses on Spider-Man’s earlier adventures, before he became an international corporate mogul.

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FeaturedNexusReviewSteve Rude

When I talk with people who work in the comics industry, I’ll often ask them where they think we’re going. Will we end up all digital all the time? No digital at all? A mix? Honestly, nobody knows at this point. Well, one of my very favorite comics is back, this time as a comic strip. And I couldn’t be happier!

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You may not realize it yet, but Florida is a terrific place to find people who make great independent comics! This week, I chat with Bohdan Neswiacheny (on the right in the banner above), one of the main creative forces behind Resistance Entertainment, a South Florida company focusing on unique film and television production, novels, music and, of course, comics! We’ve been bumping into each other at conventions, promising we’d chat for my podcast at some point! During episode 215, we talk online for the first time! We discuss many of the projects Bohdan and his team, including Jeremy Katanic

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Last week, I talked about change in the comics industry, how the repeated rebooting of franchises has finally started to wear me down. Well, there are other changes that happen because, truly, nothing lasts forever, even in comics.

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I always like to point out that this is a tough time for Superman. He’s incredibly powerful as well as unbelievably moral. You just KNOW he’s going to do the right thing all the time. That can make for dull reading sometimes! One of the best things to come out of Convergence was Superman coming to The New 52 universe with his wife Lois and their son. That book did very well on many levels, so it made sense for DC to continue their story in DCYou!

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It’s a special week here at the Wayne’s Comics Podcast, as we talk about two currently ongoing Kickstarter projects you can help support! First up is Bob Salley from Salvagers, who has his Salvagers #5 project coming to an end this Tuesday, February 2, at 5:06 p.m. EST. We discuss his popular series, including a new set of villains he’s introducing as well as other things we might see in this second go-round of this popular sci-fi franchise! Then I chat with Marcelo Bravo and Alex Lobato about their double-barreled project focusing on Gargoyle Girl and Redux by Proxy, teaming

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There’s something truly gripping about crime drama and crime families. They all have their own set of rules and standards, and they must be followed or else the person breaking them will pay the price. I first spoke with the creators of this trade paperback back last Fall during the New York Comic-Con. I immediately found the premise really one I wanted to read about, so I ordered the trade through my local comics shop. It came in this week, and I had to sit down and read it immediately! It was well worth the wait, all 128 pages! DEAD

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I don’t normally review digital-first comics because they’re really only a portion of what will come out in print eventually. But I’m such a big fan of the CBS Supergirl show that soars on Monday nights as well as scripter Sterling Gates that I wanted to get the word out about The Adventures of Supergirl, which debuted this past Monday on the DC Comics app and comixology.com.

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AfterShock ComicsFeaturedReview

If you’ve read my recent review of Replica #1, you know that I am really high on AfterShock Comics. They continue to release excellent books, and the latest of these is called Strayer, and I really enjoyed its debut issue.

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In the last week, there were two big indications of change happening soon in the Big Two comics companies – Steve Rogers returning as Captain America and Dan DiDio hinting that there will be a big “Rebirth” at DC this summer via Twitter. I have to say that I’ve reached a breaking point when it comes to change. Can I take much more of it in my comics? For the first time, I can understand why some people drift away from the industry!

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FeaturedInterviewsOni PressPodcastWayne's Comics Podcast

I always go to my local comics shop looking for a great story! This week, during episode 213, I talk with Brahm Revel, creator of a series of graphic novels from Oni Press called Guerillas, which is an all-time favorite story of mine! The third volume is scheduled for release in May, so I appreciated the chance to discuss these books with Brahm, including where the idea for this series came from, who the characters are, and what we can expect  from the third book. You’ll also want to listen because Brahm has a special announcement about the future of

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I’m still not used to going to my first comics convention so early in the year! But I’ve already been to Magic City Comic Con, located in the Miami area! For more information, here’s their website! The con took place in the Miami Airport Convention Center, so it again was in a good location as far as ease of access. It ran from Friday, January 15, through Sunday, January 17, and had a lot of fans in attendance. It’s important to remember that this con is related to the Florida SuperCon that takes place in July. I reviewed their 2015 convention

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ArchaiaBoom StudiosFeaturedPodcastWayne's Comics Podcast

If you aren’t reading Archaia’s Rust from Royden Lepp, you really should be! It’s a series of graphic novels packed with emotion and adventure, and the fourth volume will be out in early 2017! But there’s even more news about Rust, so be sure to listen to this week’s episode, #212! Royden talks about a softcover edition that’s coming out in March of this year, so be sure to let your local comics shop know you want a copy asap so they can order it for you! And be sure to read the first three books, which are some of the

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Every once in a while, I find it helpful to re-examine why you do what you do. For example, I used to collect Disney action figures until I realized that they really didn’t rock my boat any longer. I ended up giving many of them away to neighborhood kids since I couldn’t sell them on the Internet. The same is true about local comics shops. There have been times when I’ve been complacent after patronizing the same store for an extended period of time. When I stop to think about it, it had morphed into a place I honestly didn’t care

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