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Ashley (a.k.a. Supergirlove) has jumped into the geek world head on with everything from coffee dates at comic book stores, to the San Diego Comic Con being the highlight of her year. Her hero is Supergirl, and was privileged enough to meet Smallville’s Laura Vandervoort. You can find her attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where she resides in the Gryffindor house, usually watching movies or reading books about love.


Supergirl has escaped Mr.Tycho’s captivity with sunstone in hand, and is off to try and find her answers about Krypton. Discovering Argo City, and finding it is not the way she left it, she runs into someone who may hold more answers for Kara.

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BatgirlDCFeaturedGail SimoneReview

Still haunted by the sudden return to the walking world, Batgirl gets caught up with a new villain named Gretel. The mystery behind her and the numbers 338, with whom those she posses, seem to be obsessed with take Barbara on a hunt to save Bruce Wayne!

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Sam finds himself in strange situations all the time, but this one seems to be a bit too much for him to handle alone. With Emma acting just as strange as the village he finds himself in, he feels there is no choice but to bring in his brother, Dean.

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Supergirl finds herself inside an unknown space station, trapped by Mr. Tycho, a man who wants to discover all he can about her. While learning about her powers and fighting her way out, Kara shows us a glimpse into what she is really capable of.

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DCFeaturedNew 52ReviewSuicide Squad

With their fist mission successfully completed, Waller spares no time sending Task Force-X onto their next mission. With Captain Boomerang as the new leader, the power struggle begins between him and Deadshot. They are now facing the terrorist group Basilisk, where they fight to survive not only the mission, but bombs in their necks counting down.

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Laura is finding out that trying to keep two super powered pre-teens safe isn’t as easy as she thought. This adventure in babysitting takes X-23 from joy riding a dragon, to being lost on a foreign planet, where she is now face to face with a man who calls himself Taneleer Tivan – The Collector. Was this what Laura signed up for when leaving the X-men?

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