Author Robert Mammone

Romantic. Raconteur. Kangaroo rustler. Sadly, Rob is none of these. Rob has been a follower of genre since at least the mid-1970s. Book collector, Doctor Who fan, semi-retired podcaster, comic book shop counter jockey, writer (once!) in Doctor Who Magazine and with pretensions to writing fantasy and horror, Rob is the sort of fellow you can happily embrace while wondering why you're doing it. More of his maudlin thoughts can be found at his ill-tended blog

Review 6.7

The Whispering Dark #1 Review

Morality and faith collide with the will to survive as a group of American Rangers attempt to escape from enemy territory.  Tune your moral compass to expediency in The Whispering Dark #1!

Review Days of Hate #9 Review 10.0

Days of Hate #9 Review

When a character burns himself to death in the opening pages things rapidly go downhill from there.  Join us for a story that gets blacker page by page in the compelling, morally compromised landscape of a broken America in Days of Hate #9.

Review Black Badge #3 Review

Black Badge #3 Review

After surviving the frigid Siberian wilderness, our ragtag group of ‘boy scouts’ find themselves 10,000 feet over Afghanistan, readying to parachute in and lead an ex-spy to safety in Black Badge #3.

Featured Ghostbusters Crossing OVer #7 Review

Ghostbusters Crossing Over #7

After the goddess TIAMAT pulls a card from the bottom of the deck and scatters our heroes across the multiverse, efforts to scoop up the rampaging spirits look grim.  Gather round, then, as Ghostbusters from across the dimensions mix and match their way to victory in Ghostbusters Crossing Over #7.


The Beauty #24 Review

It’s the week before Christmas, and the only presents Detectives Vaughan and Foster are getting are seven torched corpses in The Beauty #24 from Image Comics.

Featured Infinite Dark #1 Review

Infinite Dark #1 Review

Steeped in survivor’s guilt, Director Deva must investigate the first murder on the Orpheus, a space station located at the end of the universe in Infinite Dark #1 from Image Comics.

Boom Studios Sparrowhawk #1 Review

Sparrowhawk #1 Review

Artemsia, a stranger to her own family, finds herself flung into the even stranger lands of the Unseelie.  Read on in Sparrowhawk #1 as Artemsia fights to return to her home and family.


Eclipse #11 Review

Plans begin to reach their fruition as cross and double-cross come into play as Bax and Dr. McHome seek to re-enter the city in search of a cure against the deadly sun in Eclipse #11.

Featured Shanghai Red #4 Review

Shanghai Red #4 Review

For those who done her wrong, Red has only bloody revenge in mind as she plunges through the tunnels beneath Portland in search of vengeance in Shanghai Red #4 from Image Comics.

Featured Cold Spots #2 Review

Cold Spots #2 Review

The frozen solid bodies of two victims layer menace on top of mystery as Dan Kerr seeks his daughter and her mother on an isolated island in Cold Spots #2 from Image Comics.


Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #1 Review

The two-fisted fury of iconic police detective Dick Tracy lands hard in Chicago as his unrelenting search for justice brings him face to face with the ruthless mob boss known only as Big Boy.  Tune in your two-way wrist TV to action in Dick Tracy:  Dead or Alive #1!

Dark Horse Comics

Ether: The Copper Golems #5 Review

That exemplar of science, the improbably named Boone Dias, zeros in with his motley crew on the last portal threatening the end of reality on Earth and the magical fairyland of Ether.  See how their adventure ends in this final issue of Ether: The Copper Golems from Dark Horse Comics.

Dark Horse Comics Joe Golem Occult Detective Drowning City #1 Review

Joe Golem Occult Detective: The Drowning City #1 Review

Magician Felix Orlov dreams the death of his mother in an occult ceremony which features the terrible Lector’s Pentajullum.  When he is kidnapped by the sorcerer Golnik, his assistant Molly stumbles across the very man who can save him – Joe Golem!  Join them in this new two-fisted pulp adventure of dark sorcery in Joe Golem Occult Detective:  The Drowning City #1.

Featured Cemetery Beach #1 Review

Cemetery Beach #1 Review

Chained naked in cell #592, Michael Blackburn launches an audacious escape attempt as he strives to understand how this off-world colony came to be.  Join him as punches his way through this gritty dystopia in Cemetery Beach #1 from Image Comics.