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Romantic. Raconteur. Kangaroo rustler. Sadly, Rob is none of these. Rob has been a follower of genre since at least the mid-1970s. Book collector, Doctor Who fan, semi-retired podcaster, comic book shop counter jockey, writer (once!) in Doctor Who Magazine and with pretensions to writing fantasy and horror, Rob is the sort of fellow you can happily embrace while wondering why you're doing it. More of his maudlin thoughts can be found at his ill-tended blog

Review Tom Clancy's The Division: Extremis Malis #1 Review 6.3

Tom Clancy’s The Division: Extremis Malis #1 Review

The opening issue to Tom Clancy’s The Division: Extremis Malis #1 starts agent Caleb Dunne down a long, dangerous road of revenge.  The opening scenes set the stage for a manhunt that will take Dunne far from his comfort zone as he seeks answers for the death of his best friend.

Review Criminal #1 Review 8.0

Criminal #1 Review

Teeg Lawless is back on the road, searching for that perfect score when he discovers his best friend is dead, and his best friend’s ex-wife is in need of someone to warm her bed.  And then things really get interesting.

Review 6.7

Sword Daughter #5 Review

Sword Daughter #5 looks back at Elsbeth’s formative lessons at the women run mountain refuge.  Meanwhile, we flash forward to the present day tensions between father and daughter and wonder at the costs of revenge.

Review The Whispering Dark #3 Review 7.0

The Whispering Dark #3 Review

On the run and with the Russian noose tightening around them, Hannah Vance leads the remnants of her team further into the unknown in The Whispering Dark #3!

Review God of War #2 Review 6.0

God of War #2 Review

Kratos, the God of War, has found a new home for himself in the frozen wilderness of the North, far from the machinations of the Greek Gods, and a chance to tame his savage nature.  But when wild beast men menace his family, Kratos must act to save himself, and his son, in God of War #2.

Review Detective Comics #994 Review 7.0

Detective Comics #994 Review

The Caped Crusader, scourge of all criminals, finds himself face to face with the corpses of his parents, decades after their murder.  Who has gone to such lengths to remind Bruce Wayne of the tragedy that changed his life?  And what are their macabre plans?  Find out in Detective Comics #994!

Review Prodigy #1 Review 7.0

Prodigy #1 Review

Meet Elliot Crane – childhood genius prodigy, with a taste of danger.  Formative incidents in his youth are explored, before we meet him as an adult, cool, calm and definitely brilliant in this opening issue of Prodigy.

Review 9.0

Lodger #2 Review

Ricky’s hate for Dante reaches new peaks as she strives to find him an exact revenge for killing her mother and framing her father.  We look back at how it all begins and then flash forward to see how much of a botch Ricky has made of her life in Lodger #2.

Review Stray Bullets #40 Review 8.0

Stray Bullets #40 Review

The search for the money, the search for family, begins to converge as multiple storylines tangle together in bloody fashion as Stray Bullets #40 comes at you like a Friday night special.

Review Red Sonja #23 Review 5.0

Red Sonja #23 Review

Red Sonja meets a goddess who makes her an offer she can’t refuse and goes in search of a golden ax in Red Sonja #23.

Review Low Road West #3 Review 7.0

Low Road West #3 Review

The gang have been split in two, with Amir going through a diary from 1875 he’s found in the spooky Hollow House, his friends have a confrontation with a menacing group of armed me intent on finding Amir, so he can pay for the sins of his dead brother.  All that and Emma facing alien strangeness in Copper Sky feature in Low Road West #3.

Review Night Moves #1 Review 6.0

Night Moves #1 Review

Meet Chris Dundee, grifter and friend of prostitutes, as he becomes embroiled in an investigation of a bizarre religious cult in Night Moves #1.

Review 9.3

MCMLXXV #3 Review

It’s time to get things started in New York City as the dark forces of Hell converge and our tire iron-wielding hero Pamela Evans gets the band together to face them in an awesome smackdown in MCMLXXV #3 from Image Comics.

Review 7.0

Beauty #25 Review

In a world suffering an apocalypse of beautiful people, there just has to be an extended gunfight.  Join the detectives as they battle it out in Beauty #25.

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