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Review Dead Body Road #6 Review 7.7

Dead Body Road: Bad Blood #6 Review

In Dead Body Road #6, Bree Hale’s day goes from bad to worse as the final confrontation with local crime boss Monk Sinclair threatens to destroy her life.  Can she save her brother’s life?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Review Criminal #12 Review 10.0

Criminal #12 Review

In Criminal #12 from Image Comics, Teeg Lawless survives the attempt on his life.  He chases Farraday, a PI who has followed and kidnapped his mistress, Jane.  A terrible car accident ensues, casting a shadow over the life of Teeg, and his conflicted son, Ricky.  What happens next will stun you.  And to find out what happens next, check out your Major Spoilers review!

Gaming Battlebond

Magic: The Gathering – Battlebond arrives today

Battlebond is just about to release or may have released already depending on where you live (Hello, Future People!). This year’s special draft format is built around Two-Headed Giant play and I was able to attend a prerelease event last weekend and I have a few thoughts on how this breaks down and what those of you that have yet to play can expect.

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