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It is hard being a King, especially when your first name is Larry. Well, not really. In Larry’s Kingdom the re-imagining “Battlestar Galactica” is superior, “The Wire” is the greatest crime show ever, and “ROM, Spaceknight” is the hero of the realm.

Andy KubertBarry AllenBatmanDCFeaturedFlashFlashpointGeoff JohnsReviewSuperman

In the race to the relaunch, DC’s “Flashpoint” hits its half way point. With the trio of Flash, Batman, and Cyborg hunting for their hopeful Kryptonian savior, can this issue make it to the finish line without falling flat on its face? Take the jump, and find out!

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BatmanBluewater ProductionsFeaturedReview

Brought back from relative obscurity by his vocal cameos on “Family Guy”, Adam West, the former 60’s TV Batman, has been given his own comic book. Is this comic a fun, campy romp? Take the jump to find out. WARNING! This book has not yet been released. So SPOILERS may be ahead!

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DCFeaturedFlashpointJames RobinsonReview

Another “Flashpoint” tie-in… Who is The Outsider? What does he want? So many questions, only so much time. Take the jump to see if this tale is worth your $2.99.

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FeaturedMarvelMystery MenReview

The world of the Mystery Men grows more dangerous, as The Operative picks up allies in order to battle the insidious “General”. Does this tale with Pulp sensibilities dole out a bountiful amount of entertainment? Or is just a piece of over priced Ten Cent trash? Take the jump to find out, Faithful Spoilerites!

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Spinning out of the events of Infinite Crisis…  Wait a minute. Wasn’t that from like, five years ago? Yes,  faithful Spoilerites, DC Comics is finally telling the tale of what Krypto the super-dog was up to during Infinite Crisis. Take the jump and see if a story that languished in limbo for half a decade earns a spot in your read pile…

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AmazonsAquamanBlack CanaryDCFantastic FourFeaturedMajor SpoilersMarvelSaturn GirlSupermanTop 10VampirellaWonder Woman

Recently, DC Comics announced they would be “relaunching” their entire line of comics, with new number ones. Along with these new number ones, will be a line-wide redesign for every character. Many of these redesigns have already been criticized, so instead of hating on a bunch of costumes from comic books that haven’t even been published yet, I will be taking a stroll down memory lane, in the hopes of digging up redesigns that should never be forgotten. Join me, will you?

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Atomic RoboDCFeaturedHellboyIncrediblesIndiana JonesMarvelMoviesSpider-ManSupermanTop 10

Everyone has a Dad, whether you knew him or not. Even if he rocketed you from a dying planet, or built you in a lab, one exists. As Father’s Day approaches take a look back at the Top Ten Father’s that only existed upon the page, and screen. Take the jump to see who makes the list.

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Atomic Robocomic casting couchFeaturedMajor SpoilersMoviesRed 5 ComicsScott Wegener

It’s summertime, and you know what that means?  It’s Comic Book Movie season.  Already this year we’ve seen Thor, and X-Men: First Class.  But with Green Lantern, Captain America, and Cowboys vs. Aliens just around the corner, we at Major Spoilers believe that another favorite comic book should see the glow of the silver screen. That comic book is Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener’s “Atomic Robo”.  Take the jump, and see who made the cut.

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FeaturedMarvelMystery MenReview

Before men of fire, and of the sea took to air to battle, there were heroes that slinked through the night. Mystery Men delves into the lesser known facets of the Marvel Universe, but does this pulp inspired canonical tale entertain? Or should it be pulped lickity split?

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AnnihilationFeaturedMarvelQuasarReviewROMSilver Surfer

As the Annihilators team is trapped in limbo facing off the likes of Immortus’ temporal army, and Rocket Raccoon is trapped within the most wicked case of déjà vu ever, does this issue end with a cosmic BANG, or a Galactic whimper? Take the jump and find out.

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AkiraAtomic Robocomic conventionCosplayDCFeaturedheroes conKick-AssMarvelX-MenZatanna

  This past weekend, the 29th annual Heroes Convention was held in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was lucky enough to attend, and boy am I tired of hoofing it. When I was not jibber jabbering to comic creators, and getting off the elevator on the wrong floor.  I DID snap some pictures, so take the jump Spoilerites to see what you missed!

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Boom StudiosFeaturedReview

In a world where Ape and Man attempt to peacefully coexist, rage and hatred for the humans has consumed Alaya, the defacto leader of the Apes. Does this second helping of talking apes entertain? Or should it vanish in the Forbidden Zone?

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Alex RossDynamite EntertainmentFeaturedJack KirbyKurt BusiekReview

Many people cite Jack Kirby a source of inspiration, but he crafted many lesser known, or completely obscure creations outside the hallowed halls of Marvel and DC Comics. Does this attempt to merge the fractured worlds of Jack Kirby’s creations have what it takes? Take the jump, and find out!

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With the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie featuring a young Magneto, I decided it was time to tackle his origin story, for behind the helm of the Master of Magnetism was, at one time, a boy. This boy experienced the Holocaust first hand, and it would shape the man he would become. Take the jump and find out if this blend of factual history, and fictional characters is worth your time.  

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