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Jake Troxell is a grown man with a mission: to stay twelve years old forever. He faces his mission armed only with his love for comic books, graphic design skills, and an unwavering belief that he’ll soon be able to trade in his skateboard for a hoverboard. Wish him luck on his unprecedented journey back to pre-pubescent optimism.

FeaturedImage ComicsReview

What is a surgeon/coke head to do after they losing his medical license? Begin doing highly illegal organ transplants on the black market of course! Major Spoilers can’t get you a new kidney, but we can tell you how things shake out in issue #2 of Harvest.

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FeaturedIDW PublishingReview

Terry Ward is a master magician, but he’ll have to be a damn good escape artist to survive the series finale of Smoke & Mirrors by Mike Costa. Major Spoilers explores the mystery behind the magic in this months review.

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FeaturedReviewTop Shelf Comix

Is the pressure getting to oil rig welder Jack Joseph’s head? He’s losing touch with the present as he dives into the mysteries of his past. Major Spoilers reviews the newest graphic novel by writer/artist Jeff Lemire.

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Dark Horse ComicsFeaturedReview

Henry Lyme has been found! Does he really have all the answers we’ve been looking for? Find out in Major Spoilers review of MIND MGMT #4!

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FeaturedImage ComicsReviewZombies

A rescue mission downriver goes FUBAR in this month’s blood soaked issue of ’68 Scars.

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