Author Ingrid Lind-Jahn

By day, she’s a mild-mannered bureaucrat and Ms. Know-It-All. By night, she’s a dance teacher and RPG player (although admittedly not on the same nights). On the weekends, she may be found judging Magic, playing Guild Wars 2 (badly), or following other creative pursuits. Holy Lack of Copious Free Time, Batman! While she’s always wished she had teleportation as her superpower, she suspects that super-speed would be much more practical because then she’d have time to finish up those steampunk costumes she’s also working on.

DC Justice League #7 Review

Justice League #7 Review

The Totality arc is nearing its end as the Justice League faces off against the Legion of Doom. The stakes – only the entire universe! Here is the Major Spoilers review of Justice League #7 from DC Comics.

Dynamite Entertainment

Project Superpowers #2 Review

The heroes of Project Superpowers are back in action against a mysterious foe who has caused all the aircraft in the world to fall from the skies. Who has that sort of power? Let’s find out in Project Superpowers #2 from Dynamite Entertainment.


Submerged #2 Review

In New York City, in the midst of the biggest storm of the century, Elysia Puente is trying to find her estranged brother who needs her help. But down in the subways, things have taken a decidedly supernatural turn… Let’s find out what happens next in our review of Submerged #2 from Vault Comics.

Dark Horse Comics Modern Fantasy #3 Review

Modern Fantasy #3 Review

The gang is ready to kill a fire demon – after a little training. And aura cleansing. And stocking up on supplies. Let’s face it – with all their skills in city life, will they ever be ready for this? Let’s find out in this review of Modern Fantasy #3 from Dark Horse Comics.

DC Scooby-Doo Team-Up #41

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #41 Review

It’s perils galore when Penelope Pitstop meets up with the Scooby Doo gang. The Hooded Claw! The Ant Hill Mob! Railroad tracks! And a monster! HAY-ELP!! Here is our review of Scooby-Doo Team-Up #41 from DC Comics.


Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome #2 Review

Rome, in the age of Emperor Nero, and Antonius Axia (the detectioner) has been hired by the Emperor to recover three Roman Eagles lost by General Verres in Tottenwald Forest. But why is Antonius headed for Alexandria instead of Germany?

Boom Studios

By Night #3 Review

Jane and Heather have vanished into another world, but they left a backup this time. Barney goes to Heather’s father for help, and we find out a little more about Charleswood.

Featured The Weatherman #3 Review

The Weatherman #3 Review

Nathan Bright and Amanda Cross are on the run back on Mars, with two hired killers in pursuit. Before too long, this snowballs as their faces are plastered all over the media and now everyone is on the lookout for them. Can they get away long enough to recover Ian Black’s memories?


Justice League #6 Review

Up until now, it has looked like the Legion of Doom was ahead at every turn. With the sentient sun Umbrax perilously close to taking over Earth itself, can the Justice League tip the balance in their favor? Let’s find out in Justice League #6 from DC Comics.