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Ah, comics! Is there anything they can't do? I've been reading comics since the second grade when my friend lent me a copy of Spider-man where a strange black alien ooze broke Eddie Brock out of the jail cell he shared with Cletus Cassidy. I mostly read Spiderman and the X-men in my youth until a TV show named Batman the Animated Series came along. It took me until the issue of Hush subtitled "Punch Line" to buy a DC comic though. Since then, I've been reading and collecting nonstop.

Favorite comics: Superman/Batman, Batman, Detective Comics, anything by UDON, and Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
Favorite writers: Geoff Johns, Dwayne McDuffy, and Gail Simone
Favorite artists: Ed Benes, Ian Churchill, Alvin Lee, Jim Lee, and Dustin Nyugen
Favorite "can read anytime" book: JUSTICE

GalleryPhoto ParadeWonder Woman

On Saturday, I went to Comic Fusion ( in Flemington, NJ for Wonder Woman Day. While there were no Wonder Woman cosplayers in attendance, there were several other characters. They were asking donations to get your photo taken with the cosplayers and on Saturday alone raised over $700 for SAFE (a local woman’s shelter). They were also auctioning off various pieces of artwork featuring Wonder Woman. The auctioning closed on the Sunday and sold an Adam Hughes sketch of Invisible Woman for $4,500.00!!! By the end of the event, Comic Fusion raised over $15,000 for SAFE.  While I was there,

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Baltimore Comic Concomic conventionCosplayFeaturedPhoto Parade

I hit up the Baltimore Comic Con on Saturday, and was able to take a bunch of photos of cosplayers in action.  Take the jump for my complete gallery.

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Dynamite EntertainmentFeaturedReviewVampireVampires

After enjoying a brief victory from the events of volume twelve of Vampire Huntress, the Warriors of Light are thrown back into the mix when a small group of travelers are found butchered.

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big dog inkFeaturedReview

Danica has a sweet little piece of the after life carved out for herself but when her father, Damien, pays her a visit, all of Heaven and Hell will break loose. Now that Hell has taken notice of Danica’s activities, how long until Heaven decides to intervene as well?

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BatmanDCFeaturedPaul LevitzReviewSuperman

With Lex Luthor fanning the flames of hate on another planet and keeping Batman occupied in Gotham, can Superman stop Lex from turning an entire planet against him?

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Boom StudioscartoonDisneyFeaturedReview

When Megavolt rejoins his former teammates and decides to come out of super villain retirement, the citizens of St. Canard find that they’re not as safe as they thought they were. Meanwhile, Darkwing begins his investigation into the founders of Quackwerks Crimebots.

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Batmancartooncartoon networkDCFeaturedKids WBReview

There is a madman loose on the streets of Neo Gotham that’s killing people from Batman’s past using weapons of his old enemies. Speculation points to Hush but how could that be when Batman was there the day Hush died?

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FeaturedReviewUDON EntertainmentVideo Game

Ibuki has been given her assignment for the finale exam of her ninja training; fight the legendary Master Oro. Can Ibuki draw strength from her friends to carry her through the stress of battling an undefeated Master and preparing for her high school exams as well?

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FeaturedReviewUDON EntertainmentVideo Game

This is it, the final showdown between the most powerful Darkstalkers on Earth. The long awaited conclusion to a story that was years in the making has finally arrived.

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brightest dayDCFeaturedReviewtitans

With Luthor’s assassin revealed, it’s up to Slade to deal with her. Can Deathstroke keep his client alive, take care of this seemingly immortal assassin and keep his team from falling apart?

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Carpet Bomb ComicsFeaturedReview

After recovering from the loss of his arm and still dealing with jumbled memories of past lives, Acker joins with the Society of the Enlightened as a Knight, and heads to Poland to investigate a new faction lead by the Blood Lord.

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FeaturedImage ComicsReview

Fallen officer, Terrence Downe, has been given a second chance to help take back the streets of Los Angeles. Resurrected by the most powerful minds on the planet, Officer Downe is back from the grave to put criminals in theirs.

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BatmanDCFeaturedJudd WinickReview

Now that Jason Todd is both among the living and back behind the wheel in his head, it’s time for Batman to pay for not avenging his death. But can this former sidekick kill his idol?

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BatmancartoonDCFeaturedKids WBReviewWarner Bros.

When an old enemy from Bruce Wayne’s past awakens in the future, Batman Beyond must see if he is a match for this old foe. By popular demand, Batman Beyond returns to comics in this six issue mini series.

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