Major Spoilers Podcast


The Major Spoilers Podcast is the podcast for pop culture and comic fans.

Each week the panel of Bryan, Rodrigo, and Stephen cover recent news, review current titles as well as a collected trade, and even dive into other pop culture items like television programs, DVDs, and podcasts.

The panel strives to make the show the best podcast available even though

  • it isn’t loaded with recognized members of the industry – so don’t expect name dropping
  • no one on the panel has written, or plans on write a comic
  • we understand there are other podcasts out there; we don’t want to  tax your time so the Major Spoilers Podcast will never be four hours in length
  • the Major Spoilers podcast will only come out once a week – we don’t have the time to publish a daily hour long podcast
  • for now we don’t have any call in numbers, but feel free to contact us at

The latest issue of the Major Spoilers Podcast can be found here.

You can also subscribe to the show via iTunes or through your RSS Reader.