Bruce Otter

Bruce Otter a.k.a. Otter Disaster
Major Spoilers Adventures

Born in the brown-striped decade of the 1970s, Bruce read Peanuts, The Wizard of Id and Beetle Bailey in the daily paper. This formed his early exposure to the comics form. He watched way too much Love Boat, Three’s Company, Happy Days and Saturday morning cartoons, leading to a life long addiction to television.
Bruce was introduced to the joys of comic books proper (Uncanny X-men #197) by a juvenile delinquent from Phoenix in the summer of 1985. It was the same year he discovered heavy metal music, and that was pretty much the end of any chance he had for a normal life.
High School followed, and shunned by females of all shapes and sizes he spent his time reading fantasy and science fiction novels and comics. He ended up working a short stint in a video store increasing his pop culture exposure to increasingly dangerous levels. Additionally he played some Dungeons and Dragons during this period. None of this helped his situation.


By the early 90s he’d abandoned comics, and headed off to college. He made it a full semester before slamming headlong into a force of nature known as Matthew, and not long after was reading more comics than ever before. Way more. He also took a TV class or two taught by Stephen.


Surviving college with minimal brain damage, he found himself working in the television business in varying capacities into and through the decade of the 2000s. He now spends his days in the exciting world cable television wondering where it all went wrong.
Dozens of Marvel and DC comics as well as Nexus, Madman,  now litter his home office, and serve as inspiration for making his own comics, including Major Spoilers Adventures. Lately he’s gone back to the 1920s for his comic fix and heconsiders Herman an under-appreciated work of genius.


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