Sneak Peek Goldie Vance: Larceny in La La Land

Goldie Vance heads to La La Land

BOOM! Studios has a new Goldie Vance original graphic novel coming our way in July 2020, and today we have our first look at Goldie Vance: Larceny in La La Land.

Review Invisible Kingdom #10 Review 10.0

Invisible Kingdom #10 Review

Amazingly, Grix survives her minutes in space, but now it’s a tense stand off between the crew of the Sundog and the Riveteers. Who will blink first? Find out in Invisible Kingdom #10 from Dark Horse Comics!


Dueling Review: Laurel and Hardy Meet The Three Stooges

It is time for the titans of comedy to finally come face to face to face to face to face as they attempt to help a couple move into their new home. What do we think of Laurel and Hardy Meet The Three Stooges/ What are you, a wise guy? C’mere…

Solicitations A Man Among Ye #1

Top Cow announces A Man Among Ye

Time to set sail on the high seas and check in on what is going on with the pirates. In May, Top Cow launches A Man Among Ye from writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Craig Cermak.

Review Finger Guns #1 Review 8.0

Finger Guns #1 Review

Wes is thirteen. School is a drag, his dad is never home, and life kind of sucks. Until one day, the unimaginable happens. Find out what it is in Finger Guns #1 from Vault Comics!

Marvel Empyre

Join the Alliance… TODAY!

As Marvel’s Empyre continues to grow, the publisher released this beautiful teaser image by John Tyler Christopher to get us all excited about the April launch.

Review Amethyst #1 Review 7.0

Amethyst #1 Review

When Amy Winston turned thirteen, she discovered she was a princess of the Gemworld. Now that she’s sixteen, what can top that? Find out in Amethyst #1 from DC Comics!

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