DC Comics sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in July 2018.

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New Comic Releases
Diamond Comic DistributorsNew Comic Releases

Here is the New Comic Release list for comics scheduled to be in stores on June 20, 2018. There may be items on this list that are not shipped at the last minute, or new material may be added. Check with your local retailer for more details. This list was last updated on June 18, 2018.

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2000 ADFeaturedReview

A girl who uses her disability to gain an advantage over those who would help her and twin sisters abducted to be part of an otherworldly society where they are considered animals. These two tales from the legendary girls science fiction magazine Jinty are being reprinted by Rebellion as part of the Treasury of British Comics. Let’s take a closer look.

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Marvel Rising: Alpha #1
FeaturedMarvelMs MarvelReviewSquirrel Girl

Doreen Green and Kamala Khan are the best thing to happen to Marvel Comics since the original New Warriors.  How is it possible that they’ve never met before?  Your Major Spoilers review of Marvel Rising: Alpha #1 awaits!

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Robocop: Citizens Arrest #3
Boom StudiosFeaturedReviewRobocop

Officer Murphy has once again bucked the programming of OCP.  But this time, there’s even more on the line.  Your Major Spoilers review of Robocop: Citizens Arrest #3 awaits!

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Top 500 Comics for May 2018
BusinessDiamond Comic DistributorsDiamond Comics Market ShareTop 300 Comics

Diamond Comic Distributors has released its list of the top 500 comics shipped to the direct market in May 2018. As we discussed last week, Amazing Spider-Man #800 sold a lot of copies (twice as much as the number two position, and four times as much as Batman #47). Today, we get to see where everyone else placed.

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Comics PortalFeaturedOpinion

This past weekend, I attended Heroescon in Charlotte, North Carolina, once again. This year my friend Richard Rivera of Stabbity Bunny fame and I shared a booth with Frankie’s Comics, a different kind of comics shop.

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Munchkin Land
FeatureFeaturedMunchkin Land

Super-Fan The Great Nate O is back once again to break down the 2017 season of Munchkin Land, and reveals the MVP of 2017.

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Rick and Morty PResents: Krombopulos #1
Oni PressSneak Peek

Oni Press released this sneak peek of Rick and Morty Presents: Krombopulos Michael #1 by Daniel Mallory Ortberg and CJ Cannon.

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Al Katana II
booksPress ReleasePro SeSolicitations

E. W. Farnsworth’s Al Katana, Volume I, debuted from Pro Se Productions in 2017 introducing a new kind of superhero, one striking fear into the hearts of the most hardened terrorists and miscreants. The violent vigilane returns in AL KATANA II, available now in paperback, hardcover, and digital formats.

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Inkwell Awards 2018
AwardInkwell Awards

The 11th Annual Inkwell Awards were announced at the Heroes Convention this past weekend, and we have a rundown of the winners, after the jump.

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Wolverine #88
DeadpoolFeaturedMarvelRetro ReviewReviewWolverine

Long before he was a multimedia fourth-wall-breaking-sensation, Deadpool was just an overly pouched X-villain with an attitude.  And this is the story of his first run-in with the man called Logan…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Wolverine #88 awaits!

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Domino #3

Topaz has targeted Domino for reasons unknown.  And now, she has killed Dom’s best friends with a bomb…  That makes this personal.  Your Major Spoilers review of Domino #3 awaits!

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