Review Fairlady #5 Review 10.0

Fairlady #5 Review

The story opens with Jenner Faulds down and bleeding. What happened? How did she get there? What is going on here? Find out in Fairlady #5!

Review Aquaman #51 6.0

Aquaman #51 Review

Aquaman and Aqualad together at last, the old gods need a home, Mera wants very specific flowers, and someone doesn’t believe in money limits for gift exchanges. Your Major Spoilers review of Aquaman #51 awaits.

Review Outpost Zero #12 Review 9.0

Outpost Zero #12 Review

Most people are afraid of what they don’t know. As Alea and Sam explore and learn more about their past, who will they ever be able to talk to about what they’ve found? Find out in Outpost Zero #12!

Review 9.0

Adventure Finders: The Edge of Empire #1

Rod Esprionza returns to Action Labs Entertainment to write Adventure Finders #1. Read about the adventures of Clariette de Artegnean as she goes off to find what adventures she can follow, what monsters she can fight, and what friends she finds.

Podcast Top Five

Top Five Directors

This week on Top Five we dive back into the movie category as we share our list of the Top Five Directors.


Dynamite announces new KISS series

You’ve seen KISS take on the Phantom of the Park, but can KISS survive the zombie apocalypse? We’re about to find out in KISS: Zombies a new mini-series from Dynamite Entertainment.

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