Review 7.0

Rogue Planet #1 – Review

A Rogue Planet is a celestial body not bound to a star and was expelled from the planetary system in which they formed. What secrets could this abandoned planet hold? Find out in Rogue Planet #1 by Oni Press: Chapter 1 – Planetfall!

Review 8.0

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #5 – Review

After an encounter with A.I.M., Captain Marvel is the size of an ant. Luckily, she is with the Unstoppable Wasp to help her out! Will Captain Marvel be able to return back to her normal size? Find out in Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #5 by IDW Publishing!

Review Farmhand #15 Review 7.7

Farmhand #15

In Farmhand #15 from Image Comics, Ezekiel discovers some of the old family history, his father Jedidiah confronts Monica, now fully possessed by the Seed, and we find out what happened to Ezekiel’s mother.  There’s a bad moon rising, and not everyone gets out alive.  Find out what happens in your next Major Spoilers review!

Review 20XX #4 REview 6.3

20XX #4 Review

Lucas has been captured, and Mer is going to have to go to undesirable lengths to get him back.  Hopefully she’s not too late.  Your Major Spoilers review of 20XX #4 from Image Comics awaits!

Review Mercy #2 Review 7.3

Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy #2 Review

No sooner does Lady Hellaine arrive in Woodsbrough than she throws a party, establishes herself as a rival to Lady Swanson, and then things get strange. Curious? Check out Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy #2 from Image Comics!


Top Five David Tennant Doctor Who Stories

Enter, David Tennant.  With credits too numerous to mention, but spanning stage, television, movies and radio, Tennant, with his reasonably good looks, light, breezy interpretation of the Doctor, and paired up with Billie Piper, elevated the series to new heights of popularity.

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