Review God of War #2 Review 6.0

God of War #2 Review

Kratos, the God of War, has found a new home for himself in the frozen wilderness of the North, far from the machinations of the Greek Gods, and a chance to tame his savage nature.  But when wild beast men menace his family, Kratos must act to save himself, and his son, in God of War #2.

Review Detective Comics #994 Review 7.0

Detective Comics #994 Review

The Caped Crusader, scourge of all criminals, finds himself face to face with the corpses of his parents, decades after their murder.  Who has gone to such lengths to remind Bruce Wayne of the tragedy that changed his life?  And what are their macabre plans?  Find out in Detective Comics #994!

Solicitations Spider-Man

Marvel announces Spider-Man: Life Story

In Marvels we had a chance to see the entirety of Marvel history through the eyes of a normal photographer. In March 2019, we are going to get another history of the Marvel Universe, but this time through the eyes of Peter Parker – the Amazing Spider-Man – as he ages through the decades.

Review 8.0

New Talent Showcase 2018 #1 Review

Breaking into comics is hard, and some publishers set up programs to help them uncover new talent. DC Comics, publisher of some of the greatest superheroes in the world, has such a program, and once a year they give space to the creators of tomorrow who made it.

Review Bitter Root #2 Review 9.7

Bitter Root #2 Review

The root of fiif’no plant can be used to purify the souls of people who become the monstrous Jinoo – or to kill them. Which is the better solution? And who is the mysterious monster who knows the Sangeryes by name?

Review Grumble #1 Review 9.0

Grumble #1 Review

The war between realities is over.  The wrong side won.  Your Major Spoilers review of Grumble #1 awaits!

Solicitations Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys the Marvel Universe

Cosmic Ghost Rider destroys the Marvel Universe

After a day full of teaser images from Marvel, the result isn’t some grand crossover, or a big event, or even an everything you know is wrong stunt, but rather Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys the Marvel History #1 from Paul Scheer, Nick Giovannetti, and Gerardo Sandoval.

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