Come check out an all-new Venom series by Al Ewing! After dealing with the King in Black and Extreme Carnage, Eddie and Dylan Brock must adjust to their new life. Read more in Venom #1 by Marvel Comics!


Writer: Al Ewing and Ram V
Artist: Bryan Hitch and Andrew Currie
Colorist: Alex Sinclair
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Editor: Devin Lewis
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $5.99
Release Date: November 10th, 2021 

Previously in Venom: Eddie Brock once falsified a news story and lost his job. During that low point, he became the villain known as Venom! But he realized that he could instead use his power responsibly. Recently, he found out that he has a son named Dylan and must balance being a father and his alter-ego. On top of that, he is now a King! A King in Black!


Venom #1 shows some of the aftermath of recent comic book events. Eddie Brock, now the King in Black, is trying to change galactic opinion of the symbiotes. Currently, he is looking at a spaceship that sent out a distress symbol. However, as Eddie arrives with a small group of symbiotes on the ship something weird happens. One of his symbiotes warns him that he is about to be dethroned and kills all the people here. He rushed back to Earth to heed this warning.

Meanwhile, Dylan is having a hard time at school. With Eddie gone all the time, he is in more fights and taking care of himself. However, his father suddenly returns and tells him to pack suddenly. While he is packing, his father calls him and tells him to not go with the other man. He then gives directions to a hotel. When Dylan arrives at the hotel, he sees his father killed by a helicopter shooting a missile. Dylan then bonds with the Venom symbiote and lets out his anger. Eddie, in his death, meets a man name Meridius.


There was a lot of exposition in Venom #1. We get a lot of information about what Eddie is doing, the scope of his powers, and his relationship to the other symbiotes. We also get the hook; a weird ominous warning that he gets. But all that seemed secondary to Dylan following in his dad’s footsteps. I enjoyed the few pages where Dylan tries to manage school and his home circumstances. With Venom, we have gotten so much cosmic war stuff that it feels overdone at this point. But a story about a father and a son never gets old for me. That is the aspect that hooked me into the comic. I hope Dylan can manage his anger as he deals with this defining moment in his life.

All that to say, I really enjoy a coming-of-age story. I think that Al Ewing has the potential to write a great new chapter for the Venom title.


Venom #1 gives us a new chapter for the Venom character who has increasing popularity over the last several years. But this isn’t just the story of Eddie Brock, this is the story of Dylan as well. And that is exciting. 4 out of 5 stars for Venom #1 from me.

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Venom #1

Thrilling Hook

Venom #1 brings a great new dynamic between Eddie and his son Dylan.

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