Fans of Top Five, one of the brightest stars in our Major Spoilers Galaxy of Podcasts, know my feelings on licorice, but I know that not everyone shares my opinion.  In this, the season of spookiness and sweet treats, I find myself wondering about the most important question in the history of Red Vines, Twizzlers or Wiley Wallaby’s: Red or Black?  On the one hand, red is my favorite color, but on the other, black goes with everything.  Either kind can be used as a straw (for Mr. Pibb or Root Beer, respectively), which leads us to today’s star anise query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds Faithful Spoilerites that, as always, “Neither” is not a valid response (and is also no fun), asking: Do you prefer your licorice red or black?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    Black. If it doesn’t have the flavor of licorice root, it’s not actually licorice — it’s just a fruit roll-up in disguise. Plus, Good & Plenty is a favorite.

  2. Hard pass on both, and I’ll just run a lap.

    Can’t stand licorice, or licorice adjacent flavors (your star anise in curries, even something that’s got a little too much fennel seed in it)

  3. I kind of want to try this “white” or “neon blue” licorice from the header…

    But, yeah, red twizzlers for me. It’s what I grew up with *shrug*

  4. OK…. umm I am confused…. and I really don’t know what your stand is on “licorice”
    but to define things a little better twizzler black and twizzler red are two very different flavours…. they are not both licorice…the black is licorice, the red is (usually) strawberry. Nibs are cherry. (all those flavours being approximate to the original). So for me that question would be similar to asking ‘ Do you like the red apples or the orange apples?’ And then add in the mini orange apples.
    So if you are asking if i prefer the red twizzlers to the black twizzlers ,then I would say i like them both. I even like the Nibs as well. I generally like licorice as a flavour in all its forms, but do find if the flavour is too intense I limit the amount I will have at any one time. In fact I have on my desk right now a package of Dutch Traditions Double Salted Licorice and a package of Dutch Traditions Sweet Cats Licorice that my better half had gotten me because she felt guilty about something. The double salted I take in moderation (blood pressure and all that stuff) but the Sweet Cat I went through in a few days.
    If you are asking if I like the colour red or the colour black then I will go with black as red just washes out my skin tone when i wear it.

      • As much as Coke,Pepsi,RC Cola, orange crush and 7-up are the same, they are all referred to as POP, or soda, or coke, depending on where you are.
        As I have never had any ‘Russel Stover” brand licorice I don’t know if the red and black taste the same or not. So I can’t say which I prefer. I don’t even know if that brand is available here. For me licorice refers to the flavour , not the style of candy. Maybe I will go take a look for them one day when it is safe to go out into the world once again.

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