This fall, digital publisher NeoText will publish HOLE, an illustrated crime novella written by Gerry Brown with art by comics master and 100 BULLETS co-creator Eduardo Risso.

HoleIt was the perfect shakedown. Moundsville State Prison was rotten to the core. The guards were almost as crooked as the cons. Gangs ruled the jail, and Davie Ingram ruled the gangs. The way it worked was Davie and his boys would isolate an inmate with no one to back him up. Hurt him, hurt him bad, on camera. Then send the video to the inmate’s loved ones. They wouldn’t ask for much. Five, maybe ten thousand. The first time. Because if you didn’t want your son, your nephew, your brother to play punching bag for the meanest motherfuckers in Moundsville, you had to pay again and again and again.

But this time Davie’s crew picked the wrong man to shake down. He’s a man who won’t take kindly to seeing a video of his brother being stomped by half a dozen vicious goons. A man who’s a professional in the art of making people pay. Not with money, but with blood. A man named… HOLE.

“HOLE’s a hard story about hard people in hard times,” said writer Gerry Brown. “It’s got its roots in a real world prison shakedown that really pissed me off. I couldn’t do anything about it, so I decided to right some wrongs in fiction. My first choice for an artist was Eduardo Risso, whose shit I’ve loved forever, and I was blown away at the care, imagination, and fidelity expressed in his pen.”

“Making comics is my passion, to the point that many times I refuse to do book cover illustrations,” said illustrator Eduardo Risso. “HOLE meant a new challenge and I love challenges, especially when working with total freedom.”

HOLE will be published on September 28, 2021.

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