Two kids were unknowingly switch at birth and living each other lives. When the village faces a crisis, will Subira live up to her destiny? Find out in Little Guardians #1 by Scout Comics!

Little Guardians #1 ReviewLITTLE GUARDIANS #1

Writer: Ed Cho
Artist: Lee Cherolis
Colorist: Ginger Dee
Editor: Wayne Hall
Publisher: Scout Comics
Cover Price: $1.99 
Release Date: September 8th, 2021 

Previously in Little Guardians: It is the Zucchini festival! Everyone is in town to celebrate and see who will win the largest zucchini contest but there are troubles afoot and spirits, both good and bad, around.


Little Guardians #1 introduces us to Subira, who is a young girl and the daughter of a shopkeeper. She is often stuff doing the work that her older brother neglects. Meanwhile, a farmer is possessed by something and accidently throws zucchinis at his wife, injuring her. When seeing a doctor, the man was bitten by a badger, and it might be the reason he is acting weird. Elsewhere, Idem is training to fight and learns a lesson about good and bad spirits. Idem is the benefactor of an orb used to protect the village but when he was uses the orb to call his spirit animal, an evil spirit appears instead.

Back at the shop, Subira meets an animal that is emanating some red energy, but she is distracted when her family is headed to the festival. Subira runs off excited but realizes that she must watch the shop while her family goes and celebrates. Shortly after, a customer arrives to buy a healing potion who ominously tells Subira that she wasn’t meant to work in an item shop.


I was caught off guard by some of themes of the book. Little Guardians #1 is advertised as an all-ages book but there are some implications of drug use, marital abuse, and child neglect. While presented in a lighthearted way, I was surprised about their inclusion in this story. I’m all for difficult themes but I don’t think this is what I was advertised in the solicitations. The tone of the writing and the art style implies a young reader, perhaps for elementary school-aged students. But the themes are more for middle school students. I don’t want to give the impression that the book isn’t well written and well thought out, but the implication here, no matter how light-hearted and innocent it is presented, makes it difficult for me to give to my child.

With that being said, I think Subira has the potential to be a great protagonist for a coming-of-age story. I am intrigued about what her destiny is and what direction Ed Cho plan to take the character. That and we were introduced to a lot of secondary characters that are engaging. With this cast, you have a lot of protentional to tell a great story.


Little Guardians #1 has a lot of great ideas but seems a little confused about its target audience age group. There is stuff that engages adults and younger readers, but the themes seem a little mature. However, I think this is a 4 out of 5 from me. I like the characters, the premise, and the art style and will be looking at this series closely in the future.

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Little Guardians #1

Good Read

Little Guardians #1 is a good book with a solid main character but explores ideas that I don't know are suited for all-ages.

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