Steve and Sam are trying to recover Steve’s stolen shield. Luckily, they have found allies in the Captains Network! Find out more in The United States of Captain America #2 by Marvel Comics!


Writer: Christopher Cantwell and Mohale Mashigo
Artist: Dale Eaglesham and Natacha Bustos
Colorist: Matt Milla
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Editor: Alanna Smith
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: July 28th, 2021 

Previously in the United States of Captain America: Captain America was ambushed by a super speedy assailant wearing his costume. The imposter took his shield and then attacked a train in Queens. As they went to protect a train, they meet Aaron Fisher, a teen who wears the mantle of Captain America and protects the railways. However, Aaron was attacked by a sniper and Sam and Steve think someone is attacking the people who take up the symbol of the shield.


The United States of Captain America #2 starts with Steve remembering Gettysburg in the 20s and what that battle represented. But his thoughts are interrupted by Sam Wilson who has donned his version of the Captain America costume with a shield from Misty Knight. They are looking for Nichelle Wright, a member of the Captains Network who was arrested for domestic terrorism and head to Harrisburg, PA. Nichelle’s crime is that she busted up a water pipe that was bringing water to a downtrodden neighborhood but the locals say that Nichelle was an activist. As they look at the broken waterline, they are attacked by the speedster imposter and a woman with impeccable aim. Luckily, Steve and Sam are able to beat them and force them to retreat.

They head to the police station and meet the racist Sheriff. He wants to pin the crime on Nichelle because she has been planning protests and fighting crime at night. But most importantly, he admits to wanting to pin it on her because she is black. Sam Wilson throws him at the glass doors of the police station and the duo free Nichelle. However, they are both attacked by the mysterious female sharpshooter. The sharpshooter decides not to make Steve a martyr and leaves everyone alive. Nichelle runs off, now a fugitive, while Steve and Sam move on to track the speedster. We then get a reveal of who the identity of their enemies actually are.

At the end, we get a brief few pages of what happens to Nichelle. She is hunted by the police but she is protected by her neighbors that she helped along the way.


When I sat down to read the United States of Captain America #2, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I found myself thinking what I do and don’t do for my community. I move around a lot and never really set down any roots but that isn’t an excuse to not be involved in community issues. Which means I found myself inspired by Nichelle rather than our two primary protagonists. And I think that was the creative team’s intention. That it is up to us to help bring change. I doubt they are trying to tell me to break the law or anything like that but one person can certainly make a difference. I love art that challenges me and everything about this book makes me think deeply. That and I understand the minority experience as well and I understand a little bit too well the emotions that Nichelle goes through.

This is a solid book that really explores difficult themes that are relevant. I’ve seen conversations online about the first issue not being pro-America because this series is approaching the grey area of the United States. But to me, this is the most American storyline that you can tell. Telling the story of how communities strive despite not having many people on their side and shining a light on the people who do help. Great work here.


The United States of Captain America #2 is really well thought out. Sam and Steve are processing on the page the people who have taken on the symbol of Captain America. And that really is a cool thing to. Though sometimes the text gets a little dense, this one is a 5 out of 5 for me and I can’t wait to see the next issue.

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The United States of Captain America #2

10.0 Must Read

The United States of Captain America #2 challenges me to want to do better and isn't that what Captain America is all about.

  • Writing 10
  • Art 10
  • Coloring 10
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