Robyn Hood has been training but will her skills be enough to survive Goldy’s carnival of terror? Find out in Robyn Hood: Goldilocks by Zenescope Entertainment!


Writer: Joe Bruscha 
Artist: Babisu Kourtis 
Colorist: Juan Manuel Rodriguez 
Letterer: Taylor Esposito 
Editor: Dave Franchini 
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment  
Cover Price: $5.99 
Release Date: July 14th, 2021 

Previously in Robyn Hood: Robyn Hood was a troubled kid who ended up in foster care. But before she was an orphan, she had a loving mother who did her best to take care of her and teach her how to stand up for herself.


Robyn Hood: Goldilocks begins with Robyn having nightmares. Nightmares about her past and how she was bullied in school for her poor clothing. Her mother always told her to stand up for herself and never let herself be beaten down even when no one believes her. In present day, Robyn is training with a Captain Smitty who claims she is sloppy and needs to work harder. Robyn, frustrated, believes that she is at peak physical strength. As she leaves, Robyn Hood is ambushed and kidnapped by masked men.

Robyn finds herself in Goldilocks’ carnival of terror without any of her weapons and equipment. Her first tasks are to fight a bunch of scary giant clowns, a sixed armed lady, and a fire breathing dragon-man. Luckily, she has been training and is able to avoid any major harm. Robyn overcomes her opponents but ends up in the fun house where she fights a reflection of herself. She is reminded of her mother who fought the father of Robyn’s bully, and it reminds her to stand up and defend herself. She beats her reflection and finds Goldilocks. Unfortunately, Goldilocks escapes and Robyn walks away from the carnival.


Robyn Hood: Goldilocks was extremely well done from start to finish. I am not a fan of the flashback method to tell a story, but I was grabbed into the relationship between Robyn and her mother. In a way, it makes it even more heartbreaking that Robyn’s mother would eventually pass but it was a nice bit of fresh air. Robyn Hood as a character usually just tries to be a good person despite constantly being attacked and ridiculed. While she is a hero, rarely does she have any happy memories. Knowing that she had a glimpse of a good figure in her backstory was heartwarming.

The theme of Robyn Hood: Goldilocks is one of perseverance through hardship. While Robyn’s mother constantly tells her to stand up for herself, I think the better lesson is never to quit. Robyn Hood was injured and hurt but ultimately still was stubborn enough to stand back up and fight. That is the quality lesson here in my opinion.


I enjoyed Robyn Hood: Goldilocks tremendously. My only concern is that $5.99 price tag. The quality of the book is here but that is definitely an increase in cost compared to other books. I personally think it is worth it, but you are still only getting about 30 pages of content. This is a 4.5 out of 5 from me. This is a great story with solid art and thrilling narrative choices. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

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Robyn Hood: Goldilocks

Good Story

Robyn Hood: Goldilocks explores Robyn's relationship with her mother and how that affects her in the present day.

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