I admit it: I’m a mostly functional adult, and I have no frickin’ idea what a tiger has to do with corn flakes.  Then again, I also don’t know what rabbits, emotionally unbalanced birds, or grizzled seamen have to do with selling cereal, nor am I clear on why Carmen Miranda is singing to me about bananas, what a cow has to do with white glue or what level of hell that horrific dead-eyed Burger King hails from.  The fact that we could talk about the inexplicable mascot all week without repetition leads us straight into today’s advertising query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still doesn’t know what the hell a penguin has to do with cheapjack car insurance, but then again, I’m not clear on the army guy either, asking: What’s the most inexplicable mascot of all?


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  1. Jarmo Seppänen on

    Ooh, now we’re at it! I’ve been keeping eye on all kinds of mascots, mostly Japanese on twitter. All I can say, there’s one for everything you can imagine and then even more for the things you can’t. Chiba Lotte Marines baseball team has an occasional mascot called Nazo No Sakana (a mysterious fish), you really should check it (him?) out.

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